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April 17, 2015

Sugar came forward to the front of her cage when we first arrived, but when we didn’t get to her right away she gave up and took a long nap.  Wish we could do that on Saturday afternoons, but it’s too much fun hanging out with a room full of kitties to give that up!

We hear Sugar is very afraid of her environment and is on a daily prozac for that.  Poor baby.  Since that is the case, we didn’t want to interrupt her peaceful sleeping.




Two tabby girls

April 16, 2015

We had two tabby girls last Saturday, with somewhat different personalities.  Cassie wanted to be petted but wanted nothing to do with leaving her space.



Then there was this pretty girl.  We didn’t name her, she was named already.  So it was funny to me how her name was Lucy and she resembled another Lucy who’s famous at the moment…


Isn’t she pretty?  She’s very sweet, too, but Ralphie was a bit too much for her, so she wasn’t quite as relaxed as she could have been because she never knew when he was going to come flying through the air and land on her.


See her pretty calico-tabby coloring?



Someone came in to admire her while we were there, so perhaps she’s already gone to a new home.



April 15, 2015

This beautiful fluffy dilute tortie girl had a great personality to go with her good looks.  She got along fine with us humans and the other cats, but her overriding desire was to play with Ralphie.  She was the only cat in the room that was happy to take him on.  Sometimes he got a little too rough and she’d run and hide, but she always came out again and engaged him.




Here he comes!


This seems to be a favorite activity for our more playful inmates.  See him under there?



April 14, 2015

When I saw this guy, my first thought was, “Why is Harley back?”  They look very much alike, but this guy’s a lot more hyperactive.  He plays hard, too hard for some of the other cats in the room.  He and Shakespurr did enjoy a little paw whapping involving the play tunnel.  He seems to have a very good nature, and will need a playmate as energetic as he is.



Shakespurr, improved

April 13, 2015

Adopted:  Giselle (!!), Mila.  Went to the doctor:  Squeegle, Boodle.

And look how much improved shy Mr. Shakespurr is in a week!  When I opened his cage and sat down to say hello, he commenced rubbing his face on my leg and rolling around and climbing onto my lap.  Then he came out and wandered around and even played a little in the plastic tunnel with a couple of the others.

Shakespurr5 Shakespurr6


“You, lady, are being a pest.”



I just missed a big meow here, he preferred petting to photography.


Old hands

April 10, 2015

It’s always a relief to see cats that have been with us awhile relaxing and feeling at home.  It means we’re doing something right.

Mila, who seemed tense and very anti-cat when she first came to us, went back to see the vet and then returned, and she is much calmer and happier now.  She has decided she loves Squeegle, or at least his cat bed, and spends all her time visiting him.


He generally doesn’t seem to mind, and is also calmer than he was at first.  Maybe they’re good for each other.

“There’s someone behind me, isn’t there…”


Even Giselle, who didn’t like much of anything at first, is surveying the terrain.



April 9, 2015

We haven’t had a Bella in a long time, but we have one now.

This girl is on the young side, less than a year old.  She was a little timid as it was her first day in the cat room, but liked to be petted.  The presence of so many other cats put her off a little, but sometimes even that changes after a few days.


“Why you pointing that thing at me?  Just pet!”


“I’d rather you didn’t, thank you…”