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Kitten Wednesday

June 21, 2017

Even though we were not at the cat room last Saturday, we stopped in to get a peek at the kittens.

For some reason we had all black/tux kittens that day.


June 19, 2017

Adopted last week: Cameron.  We’ve already seen pictures of him chilling with his two new tuxie brothers and he looks like a very happy guy.  Getting out of a cage always does wonders!  His name is now Oliver.


Kitten business

June 9, 2017

It turns out that Tabitha loves kittens!  She got down on the floor and made it clear she wanted to visit with them, and since one of the other volunteers had allowed her to do so, we did too.  She didn’t stay so long that we had to drag her out, but clearly she and the kittens were both happy about it.

Then she took a break and wondered if the shoe fit and she could wear it.

Aberdeen wondered why kittens.

But briefly this happened:

There’s hope for this girl yet!

Bonnie 1999-2017

June 8, 2017

At 5 this morning I heard a commotion but attributed it to the kitten and went back to sleep.  At 7am I found Bonnie on the living room floor with her back legs useless and cold.  The vet diagnosed a saddle thrombosis and said that even in young cats the prognosis in such a case is extremely bad.  There was no circulation in the back half of her body.

Because we knew she had a mass growing in her lung, I’d been expecting something to happen, and actually this is better than what I was expecting – we anticipated that eventually the mass in her lung would block her airway and cause her lung to collapse, and that would have made her very uncomfortable.  As it is, she was plush and purry and herself right up until five hours ago.

Bonnie was one of those angels in the house – she was quiet and not scrappy, but always came and put herself where she wanted to be, and over the past few years that was always wherever I was.  Caspar desperately wanted her to engage with him, and she wouldn’t.  Lily loved her and tried every morning to get attention from her.  We will miss her a lot but are glad she had a comfortable end and only a brief illness.





Kitten Wednesday

June 7, 2017

We had such a batch of cute kittens on Saturday.  There were three left from a litter of six, and a colorful collection they were.

The three already adopted were another orange, another tortie, and one with color points.  These guys were so cute.

Then there were two little black ones up above.  They were quieter.

I’m sure not a single one of them is left in the cat room.



June 5, 2017

Mathilda wasn’t sure what to think about her new environment.

But she liked visitors.


Adopted last week:  all the kittens, of course, AND Ricky.

Having a think

June 2, 2017

Cameron was deep in thought.

Aberdeen pondered why she felt like confining herself in the cabinet.

Kes thought about why he is too big for the chair.