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Kitten Wednesday

October 17, 2018

Still with the kittens…

These two were the smallest, they were probably 10 weeks old.  Such a pretty pair, a little shy.  The greyer one was a little more curious and friendly.

Patience and Serenity got sick and went back, but someone somewhere must have thought we still needed those colors, because we got these two, a girl and a boy.

This guy was silky soft and a little shy.

There are still two hurricane refugees with us.



Patience, Serenity, and the boys

October 12, 2018

These two beautiful girls were six month old sisters.

Patience was a lot braver and came out to look around.

She told the kittens in the bottom cage what was what.

Serenity was a little shyer.

Wow, who’s this?

Playing ensued.

Kitten Wednesday

October 10, 2018

This little guy had a sister last week.  This week he was all alone.  He was so lively and talkative, full of personality.

These two guys were five and six months old and had a great time running around the room together.  The little guy REALLY wanted to come out, he was watching closely.




October 5, 2018

Monica had a great day Saturday because she was the only cat in the room over five months old, therefore she was the only cat allowed to be out.  She meowed her grouchy little meow at us and accepted some petting, but mostly she stayed in the little cardboard house shaped like a milk carton.

Her luck continued, because she was FINALLY adopted this week!  A man came in who really wanted a black cat, and Monica pulled out all the stops, rubbing on his legs and talking to him in her funny voice, and even letting herself be held.  He chose her above all the cute younger black cats in the room.  We’re delighted she has a home at last.  She has been with us since the end of March.

We sent her pink bed along with her.

Congratulations lady!

Kitten Wednesday

October 3, 2018

Still with the kittens.  These three were our smallest, they were about ten weeks old.

This little grey one was particularly skeptical.

She asked if we could please get this awful brown powdery litter replaced.  Look how my cage is a mess, she said.

This guy could be mistaken at first for a black kitten.

Can you see?

Look at those tabby markings in the white hairs!  Even the dark tabby stripes down his spine!  I wonder what he’ll look like all grown up.

Eloise said to talk to the paw.


Sorry Jessica!

October 1, 2018

Jessica would like to know that I had her name wrong last week.  I don’t know whether she and Millie were in the wrong cages, or whether their name tags got reversed, but anyway…

Sorry Jessica, I went back and fixed it!

“Hmph.  I’m going to check to be sure.”

Floofy Millie was adopted last week, and also Harry and Ron, together! and a bunch of kittens.


September 28, 2018

Harry and Ron tore up the place on Saturday, as usual.  They are some lively boys!

The refugee kittens were fascinated by them.  See the paw?  And if that’s not the face of a cat that’s about to pounce, I don’t know what is.