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April 23, 2018

Georgia was a little friendly grey tabby girl who reminded us a little of Dawn who was adopted a few weeks ago.

She was about to say something, here.

From her cage on the upper level, she was easily able to climb an open cage door and get to the penthouse.

She checked out all the beds, like Goldilocks, and found one that she thought was just right.

We put it in her cage.

O was a lucky letter last week.  Adopted: Octavia and Onyx.



April 20, 2018

Fluffy must have belonged to a family with a kid.  She isn’t particularly Fluffy, but she has that storybook kitten name.  Now she is an older lady.  She has a grumpy look, but she isn’t grumpy at all.  She was hard to photograph because she kept coming to see if there were pets available.

She will make someone a fine quiet companion.

O Day: Octavia and Onyx

April 19, 2018

It must have been O day when these two came into the shelter.

Octavia looked like a kitten but is supposedly a year old.  She was friendly and adorable until you showed her a dog or another cat and then she became anxious and puffed up.

Onyx didn’t want to come out and mix it up with the neighbors but he was friendly if you visited him.



April 18, 2018

This sweet purry boy is already adopted, no surprise there.  He was friendly, sociable, and energetic.

He wanted to know why Chessie was in his bed when he came home.  She wasn’t telling.


April 17, 2018

We found out that in her paperwork, Trixie’s name is really Lucy.

“Humans are a little slow sometimes aren’t they?”

She has pretty white toes and she didn’t mind showing them off.

Adopted last week:  Sally, Rachel, Luke.

Everybody else

April 13, 2018

There were others with us last weekend but they did not feel like involving themselves in the play with the tuxie boys.

These two brothers were a bonded pair about ten months old.  They were pretty sleepy.

Chessie got over her cold and came back.

Even though she’s still not the most sociable girl, she seemed to like the orange boys.

Sally liked hiding in her litter box so much that a smart volunteer made her up a bed in a litter box.

Trixie was pretty friendly but liked her deep soft bed so much that she didn’t get out of it.

Monica was still skeptical of everything, but liked to be petted.

Brett still wondered why he was here.

Luckily for him, someone came along who agreed that it was time for him to be sprung, so he was adopted during the weekend.

Adopted during this week:  Rachel and Luke.

Kitten Wednesday

April 11, 2018

Rachel was our kitten this week.  She was about four or five months old, very sleek and purry, and black so I got to practice my black cat photography some more.  I’ll never be as good at it as Shorty’s dad (Google Shorty and Kodi to see), but it’s getting better…

Doesn’t she have pretty eyes?