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Bonjour Pierre

November 17, 2017

This handsome young fellow had a cute half mustache, which you can’t see when he’s resting, and a sweet personality.  There had been some folks interested in him, so I’m pretty sure he won’t be there when we go in tomorrow.



November 16, 2017

Orange friendly Garfield was labelled five months old, but we just don’t think that’s possible, he’s such a big guy.  When he gets up and comes over to be petted you can see he’s not a full adult.  Our guess was about nine months.  He has such pretty gold eyes.

Kitten Wednesday

November 15, 2017

Yes, still…

These guys were with us once before, with a sister.  She was adopted, they came down with colds.  They’re back, cute and very lively.

These three were a little younger, there were five but the other two were being adopted as we arrived.  These ones slept through the whole thing.


November 13, 2017

There were many new cats Saturday, but we got to spend very little time with them because there was an adoption going on of a pair of kittens and so lots of paperwork and traffic in and out.

Everyone must have had a busy morning because mostly they slept through it all.

Lucy kind of woke up to look us over.  We didn’t merit much attention.

Foster Fail Friday

November 10, 2017

People who foster pets for rescues have a term: foster fail.  It means that you tried and failed to keep your foster from becoming permanent.

“All your warm are mine.”

We foster-failed.  Sparrow is not going anywhere.  She fit in so well in so many ways that it was the obvious choice.  She didn’t come into conflict with any of the others, despite initial signs that she might prefer not to be around them.  So this little old girl can hang out with us as long as she exists.  Failing doesn’t always feel bad.

Get her a toy

November 8, 2017

The people who adopted Kandy figured out pretty quickly that they need to buy her some toys.

Play anyway

November 7, 2017

Bosco and Hershey were with us for more than a month – arriving as 12 or 14 week old kittens and turning into lanky adolescents.  They continued to be shy of people, although Hershey took to sticking his paw out through the bars (whether toward people or other cats, I was never sure).

But both of them loved a toy.  Maybe the toy finished the job of making them more outgoing, because they were both adopted over the weekend.