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Aberdeen feels confined

May 26, 2017

While I was explaining to someone that we don’t let kids into the cat room to pet the cats, unless the family is interested in adopting (they took a long time to understand; we’re not running a petting zoo), Aberdeen stepped outside the door and took a look around.  She didn’t flee, but she moved to scoot underneath the nearest shelf.  Luckily she wasn’t in a hurry and I was able to nab her.  Phew!  But now she knows there’s a big world out there!

Maybe we should get PetSmart to donate a harness so we could take her for a stroll through the store…

Time with Pearl

May 25, 2017

I got to spend more time with this sweet girl last weekend.  I’m surprised she’s not adopted already, with her love of petting.

She did jump down and walk around a little when we first arrived, but was a bit put off by how many cats there were, and so when we put her back she stayed home and watched from above.

Cameron tries

May 24, 2017

Cameron is finding his way quite well in our small cat-ful space.  He isn’t intimidated by our bad boys Atlas and Milo, and did quite a lot of wrestling with Atlas.

“Who, us?”

He even tried to say hello to Aberdeen, although she wasn’t having any of it.

“Don’t you look at me, boy!”



May 23, 2017

This friendly and playful tabby boy seemed to enjoy himself even though he had to navigate around our crabby inmates.  He’s a good guy.  He was one of those cats who likes to be petted so much that he’s hard to photograph – as soon as he sees you looking at him, he comes toward you.

Rodger That

May 22, 2017

This handsome gentleman is Rodger.

He didn’t have the desire to come out and hang out with the neighbors, but he loved to have visitors.

And he was an interesting boy too.

Can you see?

It’s hard to see in these pictures, but he has one yellow eye and one blue eye.

But I’m not enjoying it

May 19, 2017

Aberdeen says, “Yes, I’m out, but don’t get any ideas that I’m liking it.”

She investigated some things, occasionally growling because other cats exist.  You may have caught her in the background of a kitten picture the other day.

She was not pleased when she realized there was a kitten staring at her.  Poor Aberdeen, a queen with no realm…


May 18, 2017

We had an abundance of tuxies last weekend.  This friendly playful guy is Cameron.  His cage tag said “social butterfly,” and pretty much summed it up.

He loved that tunnel.  He also tried to get acquainted with Milo and Atlas, who weren’t really having it.