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Everybody else

November 1, 2019

Pretty girls are still pretty.

This is Dexter.  He was in a quiet mood.

Kitten Wednesday

October 30, 2019

We have a flock of kittens who have been brought up to us from shelters in Florida.  They’re pretty darn cute.

This little guy was super friendly and affectionate and it’s no surprise he’s already been adopted.

Then there’s this guy who was a not-quite-kitten last week.  He has also relaxed and become super sweet so it isn’t surprising that he’s been adopted, as was his not-quite-kitten counterpart Trixie.


Emma bo bemma

October 28, 2019

Emma is about three years old and was evidently found during a trap/neuter/release operation as she has a tipped ear. She is shy and a little stressed and hides in her cubby.

However, if you open her cage and whisper to her, she will come to the front and love on you as long as you can stand there.  Such a sweet little girl.

She has observed that there are other cats around her and has not shown signs of aggression or hostility.

“I haven’t?”

This is a video of Emma getting petted…

Opposites do not attract

October 18, 2019

This new girl came to us in the past week.  She isn’t at all fond of other cats, and HATES dogs.  She’s pretty, though.

Something happened to her ear in the past but it hasn’t detracted from her beauty.

The odd thing is she came in with the name Louise.  We already have a Louise!  So we decided to call her Louisa, just to avoid confusion, duplicate photo names, etc…

Thelma is not impressed.  “Louise is my sister.  I know Louise.  You’re no Louise.”

Louisa just says “Hiss” to that.

Not quite Kitten Thursday

October 17, 2019

These two sweeties were not quite kittens but were not yet old enough to get down on the floor and romp with Thelma and Louise – so, four or five months old.

Major was rather quiet.  He didn’t come to the front of his cage, just watched and listened from his perch.  I didn’t really get a chance to meet and greet him.

Trixie on the other hand was outgoing and full of purrs.  She loved to be petted and carried around.



Kitten Wednesday

October 16, 2019

Adopted since two weeks ago:  Ben, and Jerry (separately), and Amelia!  plus of course a number of kittens.

And we seem to have gotten a flood of kittens from further south because we had a bunch!

These little orange guys attracted a lot of attention but we had to say they couldn’t be adopted because we didn’t have the right paperwork to match their collar numbers, and that had to be sorted out.  They were extremely lively, so I had to wait till they took a nap to get pictures.

These two pretty tabby girls had the sniffles and had to go see the doctor.

Her big eyes reminded me of my girl whom I adopted from Petsmart almost two years ago.

Then there was this pair.  Their sizes seemed mismatched, the tabby was very lively and busy and kept rolling his smaller black floofy brother.  They were both very friendly and purry, though.




Pretty girls are pretty

October 4, 2019