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Differing opinions

February 23, 2018

Dahlia was the sweetest girl.  Her favorite thing was to be petted.

Please let us take your picture, Dahlia.

Um… ok if I have to.  I think this is my best side:

Or is it this side?

Or maybe this?

Hm I see a lap down there.  See you later!

Mrs Meowgi didn’t care for the neighbors, so we tucked her away to avoid conflict.

Addie wanted to play.  She played a little with Guy, who was lively.  Too bad it’s not Halloween as these photos would be perfect.

Lisa decided that while the other cats were annoying, we were fine.

Sweetie, can I take a picture of your pretty eyes?


OK, you want my eyes?

Well, maybe, that’s one way of going about it…

There we go!


Orange pair, Cosmo and Wanda

February 22, 2018

These two were really kittens too, if you believe their paperwork (something over six months).  They weren’t lively and crazy though, rather quiet, and Cosmo was quite a bit bigger than Wanda.

Doesn’t Wanda have a cute little smile?

Kitten Wednesday

February 21, 2018

Adopted last week:  Candy, and Sir Carson of No!

The closest we had to kittens were these two youngsters.

Sophie was about six months old.

She had a sweet and outgoing personality, but she got hissed at by a couple of our cat haters, and so she decided to keep to herself.

Guy was about ten months old and very lively.  As you can tell from his tail, a dog had recently passed by outside the window, which did not please him.

Our youngest kitten was Harry, about four months, who was in the process of being adopted.  He was a little sad because his brother had left him the day before, so he decided to sleep until it was time to leave.




Everything’s Rosie

February 20, 2018

It’s been two full weeks since our scared little tabby joined the family.  Here’s an update on her!

Now she looks like this:

She’s turned out to be quite the little scamp, and we think she’s well under the one year estimate on her paperwork.  She seems not to purr, and she has a peeping little chirp of a meow that sounds like a bird singing.


Yes, no, maybe so

February 16, 2018

This past weekend, Carson had moved from NONONO to Well, maybe…  Someone turned his little hut sideways, and although I would have expected that to upset him, it seemed that he was ok as long as he could be inside the little walls.  He liked attention and petting, but had no interest in emerging from his cocoon.

We also had two who were sick and awaiting their ride to the doctor.  This orangey girl didn’t even want to wake up and look at us.

And this super handsome boy had lots of admirers even though he was a little under the weather.



Valentine Candy

February 14, 2018

This pretty lady wasn’t sure she liked the neighbors, but she seemed friendly to the humans.  She didn’t come out and do too much looking around.

Orangey goodness

February 13, 2018

These two handsome youngsters were adopted by the end of the weekend (probably not together, unfortunately).

They seemed like pretty happy guys who did not mind visits from passing dogs.