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My coworkers

April 27, 2020

My coworkers are delighted to have me in their office, and want to assist however possible.

There are no cats in our adoption center right now and have not been all month – the room is so tiny that it is impossible to be six feet away from someone who wants to look at or adopt a cat.  We will be back with kitties as soon as it’s safe.  Shelters are struggling with lots of burdens at this time, including the inability to conduct spay surgeries unless they have an in-house vet.  Show your local shelter/rescue some love if you can, and take care of any neighborhood strays that come to you for help.

Unexpected pair

March 17, 2020

The word went out among the volunteers yesterday: Moonshine and Mooshu were adopted.  TOGETHER.  Which is so funny because I don’t think Mooshu ever came out of his cage to have the chance to meet Moonshine.

She isn’t likely to be in his face, not with how she feels about other cats.

This is an interesting outcome and we hope they enjoy having a new home with plenty of room to keep whatever distance they choose.

Leonard was also adopted last week, on his own.  Stitch is in the market for a new playmate.

Sun and moon

March 13, 2020

This new guy was friendly but once he got out of his cage, he decided that Stitch and Leonard were just taking up too much space with their play, and he hid under the cages.

His name is Sunny.  Which makes it all the funnier that he had company under there avoiding all the traffic.

Our sun and moon cats (I just realized this as I started writing this post!) kept one another company quite well under there, Moonshine didn’t seem to be bothered by him because he didn’t try to engage her.

“He knows his place, lady.”

(Please to ignore the litter under the cages, we rarely remember to sweep under there.)

Floof and not

March 12, 2020

Olivia was floofy and beautiful, but she was very reluctant to associate with us.

She did show some interest when Stitch and Leonard were having a grand old run around the room.

But when I went to greet her she said no.

Henry was much friendlier.  He talked to us, but generally kept to himself.



March 11, 2020

Leonard is so happy.  He has a new best friend.

Stitch is a young adult like Leonard and he loves to play.

Moonshine is much relieved!


She just says Hiss

February 27, 2020

Leonard REALLY wanted to play with Moonshine, and she wanted no part of it.  He wouldn’t give up, he kept asking her.

“Who is THAT?”

“Wonder if she’ll play.”

“Will you play with me?”




“But I really want to play.”

“I’m cute, right?”

Yes, dear, yes you are.

Kitten Wednesday

February 26, 2020

We only had one kitten and he wasn’t feeling so well.  He was waiting to go back and see a vet for his runny nose.


February 25, 2020

Annie was a cute grey/dilute torbie kind of girl.  She was a little skittish when you first reached out to pet her, but she really wanted attention and kept asking for it.

She didn’t want to come out, but she watched the antics of Leonard and Moonshine with interest.

“What on earth are they doing?”


February 24, 2020

This pretty girl had the funniest voice.  It was like Lauren Bacall.  She talked a lot, and it all sounded so raspy and gravelly.

She loved attention but did not want to be picked up and held.

Getting pictures of her cute face was difficult!  This one seems not to like the paparazzi – I must have gotten 15 pictures of the side of her head as she would turn away as soon as she saw me pointing the camera at her.

On the whole, yes…

February 18, 2020

I love this kind of news.  Our longest-term resident, timid Phoebe, was adopted this weekend!

Because our other longest-term resident, Shadow, got adopted, we were able to move Phoebe into a larger cage, and so she had more room to stretch out and show off her cuteness, and say yes instead of no.  Apparently her adopter is a vet tech, so she’ll have the best love and care.

Big ol’ Sarge was adopted also, after only four days with us.  He must have flashed that tummy at the right person!