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Playing catchup

December 8, 2017

I have to throw a whole roomful of cats at you all at once.  You’ll just have to suffer through it!

When we arrived last week, the driver had just left after delivering almost a whole roomful of new inmates.  Adopted during the previous week: Lucy, Garfield, Pierre, Wilson (perhaps those two together; they were adopted on the same day), and a number of kittens.  Unexpectedly, almost every cat they brought was under four months.  In December!  That was shocking.

Of course they were all adorable.  This little busy, lively tortie girl was only there about an hour when she was snapped up.  Her grey and white brother missed her after she left.


Besides Paris, we had two adults in the room.  Whiskey was still there.

And we had a new, sweet and shy four year old girl down on the end.



November 30, 2017

We weren’t sure what Garfield thought he was doing.  It was entertaining to the kitten above him, who was minding his own business taking a drink when the show started.

Kitten Wednesday

November 29, 2017

When will it end?  These cuties were with us last Saturday.  Unfortunately they were all sneezing, so perhaps they left shortly thereafter to see the vet.




Wilson on Toesday

November 28, 2017

This is Wilson.

Wilson has cool toes.

Wilson has awesome stripes!

Wilson was a little timid with people.  However, when he jumped down into Pierre’s cage, he wasn’t timid.  He found a true friend.

They were both so happy.  Pierre meowed sadly for a little while after we separated them when it was time for us to leave.


November 27, 2017

Need a little pick-me-up?  Here’s Whiskey to give it to you.

She was not only beautiful, but friendly too.  Look at those eyes.

Kitten Wednesday

November 22, 2017

This guy was the closest we had to a kitten.  His tag said he was six months old but he seemed younger and smaller to us.  He was sweet and lively too.

Cute toes.

He also had sprinkles of white on the back of his tux jacket.

Pierre kind of wanted to be friends, but he wasn’t sure what the little guy thought about it.  He asked him a couple of times but got no answer.  The little guy didn’t know himself what he thought.

Eventually they gave up the idea.


November 21, 2017

Lucy volunteered to pose for Toesday.

She’s a quiet girl and just wants to hang out and get some attention once in awhile.