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October 2, 2015

The adults had another pleasant afternoon on Saturday.  Amelia, Serenity, and Cotton seem to know how to stay out of one another’s faces and coexist, which makes for a very calm nice group.  There might have been a feather toy involved, which was soon completely dismantled and retired to prevent injury.


Halloween brothers

October 1, 2015

The other kittens we had with us Saturday would have been very suitable for providing cuteness in this season, one was black and one was orange.  The black one had quite a purr motor on him, while the orange one was a little shyer.






All the kittens must have shown themselves off well, because by Tuesday evening every single one of them had been adopted!


Dilute sisters

September 30, 2015

These two little girls had just arrived, and already the one with the white on her face was being adopted.  She was going to live with two GIGANTIC dogs and at least one other cat.  The people seemed really nice, and not at all resentful of me looking at the HUMONGOUS Rottweiler and asking how he was with cats.

By yesterday evening when we went back in the store, the other sister was also gone, and since she was so adorable I’m thinking she must have been adopted too.








Hey Mikey!

September 29, 2015

Another stripey boy was adopted last week, so the third one was by himself.  He’s really improved since he came in with his two brothers, and when I finally took a minute to pester him, he was very sweet.  He didn’t really want to be out, though, and nearly pulled down the entire contents of someone else’s cage on his head trying to jump up into it, so we put him back and watched over him.



In fact, look at this.


He briefly offered up his belly for a little rub.  Sweet boy.


There was a man there who’d recently had one of his cats die, and he was admiring this fellow and saying that he was just what he wanted to bring in and introduce to his five year old queen-bee cat – because he’s five months old and male, we agreed it seemed like a possibly good fit.  So maybe there will soon be a home for Mikey.


September 28, 2015

Melinda arrived just an hour or two before we came in on Saturday, and she DIDNOTWANT to be in a cage at PetSmart.  Even though she wanted to hide in her cubby, though, she really loved attention and turned into a purring love bug with some petting.  This did not mean she was ready to come out of her cubby, but it was a hopeful sign.  And she was very pretty too.



2/3 striped

September 24, 2015

One of the three stripey boys was adopted last week.  The other two were pretty determinedly sleeping most of the time I was there, and so I decided to let the adults have the time out, and let them sleep.


This little guy wanted to know why I was waking him up with my camera noise.




September 23, 2015

Our only kitten-ish inmate last weekend was this young man, “Tom Pawyer.”  He was probably five or six months old, VERY energetic and friendly.  I paid as much attention to him as I could, but I ended up deciding to let the three adults have a quiet hour hanging around the room, so I kept him in his cage.  He would have stirred things up!  He complained a little, then he watched the adults closely, then he gave up and played with his ball track.  He seemed like a good sort of fellow.