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Don’t blink or you’ll miss it

August 25, 2015

Yesterday I mentioned there was a reason why we spent so much time with one snuffly little kitten.  This is the reason.


All those signs say the same thing:


That’s right, our one sick little kitten was the ONLY CAT IN THE ROOM, and she was there because she was on do-not-adopt status.  We cleared the room last week, people.  Adopted:  Cindy, Arthur, plus all those lovely little ones.

This was at 3 in the afternoon, and by 5 the driver had come and we had a full house again – BabyGirl, back from seeing the vet and on hold for a PetSmart employee to adopt, plus a house full of kittens.  But for one brief shining moment, we had sent them all home.

I thought that was pretty cool.  And I’m happy to post it right as I take two weeks off from blogging.  We won’t be in the cat room next Saturday, so it will be Labor Day weekend before I have new PetSmart cats for you.  But if you’re in the area, drop by the store, it’s full of kittens again!


August 24, 2015

This little girl, maybe four months old, was snuffling and sneezing and generally snotty.  But only literally, not metaphorically – she was sweet and friendly and enjoyed attention.


Her fur was so sleek that it gleamed – she had a gloss to her that I’ve never seen on a grey cat before.


You can see how her left eye is a little runny.  Her nose was, too.



We paid a lot of attention to her, despite the fact that she was slated to go back to see the vet because – well, for the reason you will have to wait till tomorrow.  But you’re going to love it!


August 21, 2015

Laverne came in with her Shirley, but was left alone when Shirley was quickly adopted.  She must have played hard in the morning, as she was having a lovely afternoon nap the entire time we were there.



Boys of brown

August 20, 2015

There were four brown tabby boys, one by himself and then a group of three.  The one by himself wanted to be OUT and GOING.  He announced his sentiments loudly and often.  It was not that he wanted to be held, however, he wanted to run around, and we’re not allowed to do that for little kittens.


Then there was this group of three.  Either they were still stressing from vaccines, or they were fighting the kitty cold, because one of them slept the whole time and one of the squinted the whole time.  It was unusual.



The third one watched the goings on from a cozy spot.


Tabby girl

August 19, 2015

This little girl was very sweet and cuddly, and it’s no surprise that she has already won herself a new home.


All about those kittens

August 17, 2015

This week we had our three adults with us (Arthur, Cindy, and BabyGirl) across the bottom row of cages, and across the top: kittens.  It was one of those weeks where it’s hard to give the adults the attention they need because there are kittens squalling at you from everywhere.

These adorable little grey tabby boys were my personal favorites.  They were friendly and sleek and very handsome.



If I were in the market for a pair of kittens, these guys would have sealed the deal.





Oops I meant to do that

August 14, 2015

Arthur is such a handsome and dignified fellow, but I happened to snap a photo just as he slipped and almost fell off the shelf.  One second earlier he was sitting up so pretty, and as I pushed the button he somehow moved and began to fall off.


He recovered himself quickly and made it look like he meant to do it…


He was fascinated by Brenda up on top of the cages.  I think it was only the large collection of cat carriers up there that prevented him from making an attempt.  However, given his moment of grace a bit earlier, perhaps it’s just as well he didn’t try a flying leap on this particular day…