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Miss Congeniality

June 14, 2019

Minnie continues her calm social behavior.  She comes out and sits for awhile, like so:

Then she starts to think about her next move.

Which is usually this.  Monica wants to know why she has this unexpected visitor, and what I’m going to do about it.



June 13, 2019

Our sweet Sarah went back to see the vet and they brought us another chocolate-chip-cookie colored kitty.

She was easily freaked out at first, that picture was taken as she spotted the camera in my hand and backed straight up away from it.  After awhile of the camera just lying in the cage while I petted her, she decided it wasn’t going to hurt her.

Ruby loves to be petted but is not delighted that there are other cats in the room.  She’s still unwinding, though, so maybe she’ll be more relaxed when we see her again.

Kitten Wednesday

June 12, 2019

Welcome to our 80th Kitten Wednesday!

We have a rerun for you this week because the fluffy black kittens Maggie and Maddie are still with us being cute and fluffy.

Someone come take these two girls home!


June 11, 2019

Every once in awhile we get a cat in named Gizmo.  It’s a great cat name, isn’t it?

This guy is new to us and is feeling just a little grouchy about his environment.  I can certainly sympathize.  He happens to be front declawed.

Hopefully he will relax soon and let us fuss over him.

The importance of being Ernest

June 10, 2019

You can see by looking at his face that Ernest takes things seriously.

He’s a young adult guy with lots of orange floof and, so far, a pretty serious attitude.  He chose to stay up above where the other cats were, and observe.  He’s handsome enough, he probably won’t be with us that long.

Adopted last week: VICKIE!  Yay for Vickie who has waited so long.  She was adopted by a family with several children, including a four year old, but apparently the two of them really hit it off.  We’re happy for that pretty girl.  Gone back to see the vet: Sarah and Julia.

Julia; Minnie steps out

June 7, 2019

In our continuing series of tabby girls, meet Julia.

She was still in the “I’m not really here” phase.

However, once she decided to agree to wake up, she really liked a little attention.

Meanwhile, after two weeks of just sitting in her litter box looking sad, Minnie took advantage of being moved to a bottom cage to stretch her legs.

And she was pretty calm and sweet.  She sat in the cage for awhile with Monica and Fiona, who were puzzled by her but didn’t seem to feel like running her off.  Mostly she just looked around.

Kitten Wednesday

June 5, 2019

Well, I was asleep at the switch on Monday!  Monday’s post about Sarah/Cookie was post number 1800 for this blog!

Every year there seems to be a dominant kitten color, and this year it’s definitely black.  We had these two funny little girls on Saturday.

It was hard to tell them apart and they were too squirmy to hold and get to know.

What’s the dominant kitten color where you are this year?