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September 28, 2021

Only two cats in the room yesterday when I stopped in.  This outgoing little one, about six months old, came in without a name, but I quickly named her Marilyn, after a famous singer, because she sang to me the entire time I was there.

“Oh dear, was I out of tune?”

She is going to make some home considerably more lively.

This fellow, Jack, had less to say, but he was equally active, playing all around his cage with everything available.

Jack has only one eye but that didn’t slow him down.  His paperwork said five months but he seems older than that to us.  He was very busy.

I’m outgoing from the cat room for a couple of months, because assuming the insurance company stops playing reindeer games I’m having surgery in two weeks and will not be able to do the bending and so forth needed to keep up with the work there.  I’ll be doing enough bending at home taking care of my own!  See you then, and keep taking care of the kitties!


September 6, 2021

Most times, it makes me really happy to see this.  At the moment, it makes me a little uneasy, because I know there are many many cats who need to be here, and because I know that rescues throughout the mid-Atlantic are receiving bunches of cats from shelters in Louisiana.  So at the moment when I look at this, all I can think is, “INCOMING!”

The few, the small

August 30, 2021

Kittens continue to fly out of the cat room on weekends!  Today there were three.

This little guy had come in with a sister who was quickly adopted.  He’s the cutest little guy and it won’t be long before someone wants a house panther.

These two really pretty girls are a little hand shy, but once you start petting them they realize they like it.


Not out of order

August 9, 2021

A quiet morning in the cat room.  Well, except for this little girl, who wanted to tell me how it is every second that I wasn’t holding her.

She’s going to make some home quite lively.  She came in with a brother who was quickly adopted, so she’s looking for a new friend.

These two guys were new as of yesterday and still had one another.  They did want to be out and about but didn’t yell quite as loudly as the littlest one.

“Lady, you aren’t petting us enough.  We give you the stink eye.”

Arizona is still there, and very sweet.  I hope she gets her new home soon, she’s such a nice girl.

Everyone from last week was adopted, except Tula who went to another store.  Not too shabby!

Hello out there

August 2, 2021

More screamy kittens this week.  Actually, really just this guy.

He came with a couple of siblings but he’s the last one, so he has nothing to do except yell at me and tear up his cubby.  Purrs like a fire engine too.

These two girls were quite lively but, unusually for our kittens, backed away from me when I cleaned for them, so I can’t tell you much about their personalities.

There was also a pretty little grey girl kitten, who was eating when I went around with the camera and so didn’t get her close-up.

Arizona is back and no longer squinting!

This super pretty and sweet little Princess is sure to find a home quickly.

And sweet Tula, who is way too fat and on prescription food, loves to be petted.  With love and attention to distract her from the bowl, and a restricted diet, she will regain her ability to be active, and she adores that love and attention.  I hope someone will come along who falls in love with her sweet personality and is willing to work with her to improve her condition!


July 26, 2021

As soon as you open the door to the cat room, the kittens start yelling at you. Pet me! Play with me! Take me out!

Despite this, I have to save them for last and get the adults’ spaces cleaned out first, if for no other reason than that the kittens would need to be cleaned again after I cleaned the adults…

Juniper and Arizona are still with us.

Isn’t Juniper beautiful? She looks like a painting. She is very sweet – I tried to be sure to sit down with her a little and give her some pets. She briefly came out, looked out the door of the room, and decided to go back to her place.

Arizona is squinting her right eye, so she has a little bit of a skeptical look. She likes attention, but easily gets overstimulated and wants to nip or swat you, especially if she thinks you’re withdrawing your hand from scritching her head.

This little sport was the last one of a set of two or three, his name for some reason was Giraffe and he was sweet and friendly and also quite lively. His facial marking looks like he lost patience after they painted the stripe between his eyes, and turned his head, so his nose only got painted on one side.

These two boys were noticed to be sniffly and lethargic on Saturday, but not today! So I don’t know if they’ll go see the vet, or not. They were quite active in the playpen while I cleaned up their mess.

Lots of adoptions this week, including grey and white Lynn, both little black and white guys (not together), little Micki, and the active black one.


July 19, 2021

Well, things seem to be returning a little to normal – more cats in residence, and they don’t fly out the door as fast. Now if we could just get back to a normal number of cat room volunteers!

This pretty lady is Juniper, she was quiet and accepted pets when I cleaned her room.

Lynn was a bit outgoing and wanted to carefully inspect my face to be sure all the parts were in their proper locations,

Arizona was also quiet, unconcerned about her neighbors even when they had kind of a lot to say.

Then there were the youngsters.

These two were about three months old and incredibly lively and friendly, and had a fun time rumbling together.

At this particular moment, they were watching the action in the playpen, where this guy was hanging out while I cleaned his space.

He had a lot to say and wanted OUT AND DOWN, but wasn’t so thrilled when I came to fish him out of the playpen.

Oh, and then:

(phone case for scale)

This little baby wanted nothing but to be carried around, and she had the vocal chords to let you know about it.

Oh Micki you’re so fine

You’re so fine

You blow my mind

Hey Micki!

Little boxes of chaos

June 28, 2021

Kitten season continues apace! Each cage with kittens in it becomes a small chaotic universe, tending to entropy despite our best efforts.

This crew has a mom, but she sits quietly and watches them raise hell. She’s five years old but not a lot bigger than they are, and she has the “not my problem” look down pat!

This looks like a sweet cuddle but it was a second of pause in the middle of a good wrestle.

Down at the other end we had these little monkeys.

They were too busy for me to do any better than this at getting their photo.

In the middle, this pair. Unlike the other groups, they didn’t much care to yell at me to come see them, but they were quite active. Someone was getting the bite put on:

And he fled:

“Brothers are meanies.”

Brother said, hey, wimp! come back here!

“I’ll be back to beat you up… sometime.”

There were two adults who were above this fray (literally – they were in the upper cages).

Molly was a sweet tabby girl who was slated to go back for diarrhea issues, but who left a perfectly normal poop in her box so maybe she can stay?

Then there was a slightly older and quieter tabby girl named Lizzie who also wanted some pets.

From my last group – Cuddles and Annabel went back to the rescue for tummy trouble. Snickers and Ester were adopted. Anyone else besides me think that giving cats in adoption centers wet food every morning causes way more trouble than it’s worth? I think these guys do better if we don’t… JHMO…

Not so messy

June 14, 2021

No kittens this week! Looks like two came in yesterday and went straight out again. So, much less mess to clean up!

Cuddles was still there. I found that I got along with him much better this week. I saved his cage for last, and let him out while I cleaned up, where he enjoyed playing with random toys on the floor. I reached out to him only when he could see me, and he approached my hand to ask for pets, so he’s calmed down a lot. When I picked him up to return him to his cage he did not give me the benefit of his opinion like he did last week. I scritched his ears while walking him home, and I’d refilled his empty food dish so he was happy to go right in and have a snack.

His nextdoor neighbor was this sweet buff tabby girl, who looked like a half grown kitten but is three years old. Her name was Lightning but really she’s more of a warm glow than a brilliant flash. She was super sweet and did not want me to leave her after I petted her and carried her around a little.

She put her head around to get a look at her neighbor but Cuddles didn’t like the idea and gave her a hiss.

Down below was Annabel, who also liked attention and enjoyed a quick look around the room, but was this week’s messy queen. Sadly I couldn’t fit a larger litter box in her space, so I hope there are enough volunteers coming this week to keep up with her!

Ester is still with us. She wins the neatness prize, but I think that’s mostly because she doesn’t move around much. She’s a bit too fat and is on a weight loss prescription kibble. She seemed to want to give me the cold shoulder.

She remembered Cuddles’ bad manners from last week, and gave him back a big hiss this week when he tried to say hello.

Snickers and the kittens were adopted this past week.

I won’t be at the cat room next week, so I hope to have new pictures for you the week after.


June 8, 2021

Kitten season is upon us, which means that the cages are a mess, and five minutes after cleaning them they’re a mess again. But they’re so cute!

They all wanted attention in the worst way and YELLED for it as soon as I arrived in the room. While cleaning up their giant messes, I popped each set in turn into the playpen crate, and they purred furiously the entire time I was carrying them. The little black one was the last of a set of three, the others were pairs left out of sets of three. All very friendly, lively, and MESSY. They started running through their food dishes immediately upon being returned to their tidied apartments.

We had adults too.

Snickers was not unfriendly but she didn’t choose to give up the security of the little cube.

Ester was a portly girl who’s on a diet of weight-loss food but seems like she would make a nice companion for a quiet person. She reclined on a cushion in a regal manner.

Then there was this guy.

Cuddles was his name. He wants you to know he’s not pleased with the suitability of his moniker. He accepted a pat and came out of his cage for a walkabout, but took an intense dislike to Ester and hissed at her while she stared at him in bewilderment. When I spoke seriously to him about knocking it the heck off, he hissed at me too. Sigh. I picked him up and returned him to his renovated apartment, and he did not struggle or yell or try to whack me, but after I’d deposited him in place he turned around and told me what he thought.

We’ll see how things go for him! Maybe he will get more easygoing after a couple of days getting used to his environment and having lots of visitors.