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Kitten Wednesday

July 18, 2018

Welcome to the 55th episode of Kitten Wednesday…  We had kittens!  We had lively kittens who messed up their cages as fast as we could clean them!  We had purry kittens and shy kittens and colorful kittens and plain kittens!

This one either just woke up, or was mad at us for leaving.  After we locked the door, I just couldn’t resist grabbing this picture from outside.  Such a stink-eye!


Monica takes a walk

July 17, 2018

Monica is in a bottom-level cage at the moment, and she actually took this opportunity to come out and walk around.  Since the only other adult cat we had was Kal and he didn’t want to come out, she had the run of the place.

Pretty in pink

July 13, 2018

Monica loves her pink bed and her pink blanket.  This sweet girl needs a home!  Someone come get her!

Kitten Wednesday

July 11, 2018

No shortage of really cute kittens this week either…

These two look like they saw something they can’t un-see.  Maybe it was me!

Kal’s toes

July 10, 2018

Kal got a bigger cage because a group of kittens left.  He still doesn’t want to come out but he can lounge and stretch and be petted more easily.  And he didn’t mind when Dexter came by and sat with him for awhile.

He wanted to be sure you saw his cool toes.

Dexter plays

July 9, 2018

Dexter, it turns out, loves wand toys.

“Hey – I was playing with that!”

We hope his new home has plenty of wand toys, because he was adopted yesterday.

Look who’s back

July 6, 2018

It’s Monica!  We’re happy to have this sweet girl back with us.

She has a crabby sounding meow but she’s not crabby at all – just not interested in exploring her neighborhood.  She’s very happy sitting on her favorite pink bed waiting for people to come to her.