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Foster Thursday: Stanley, writ large

February 26, 2015

We didn’t go to PetSmart last Saturday, it snowed ALL DAY and so it was a day to hide in the house.  But today we received something that is better for a cat person than gold:  pictures of a former foster!

Stanley was the last of the Viking kittens that we fostered last summer.  He came to us in June at about 10 weeks, and didn’t leave us until the end of the summer.  He started out very shy, but by the time we let him go he had become very devoted to us and we knew he’d be a good cat as he grew up.

Stanley when he came to us:

Stanley after he’d gotten a little bigger and braver:

2014-08-08 11.03.55

Stanley now, at almost eleven months!


His mom reports he is friendly and sociable, talkative, and still loves his toys.  He’s become the affectionate cat that I always knew he’d be!


February 20, 2015

Sami was a very sweet tabby girl, on the quiet side, and loved attention.  When I went into the store early in the week, she was gone, I do hope she found a home already as she was a dear.  She blurred her face a little in this picture but look at her lovely stripes.




February 19, 2015

We got advance notice that Gizmo was coming, because he was an eight-year-old fellow whose morale was pretty low.  The day I was there, he napped the entire time, and I was so busy with cleaning and with Kara’s adoption that I didn’t find time to wake him up to say hello.

Last night the word went around: Gizmo had been adopted into a perfect home.  So, he didn’t have to wait too long before he found his place.  Isn’t he handsome?





February 18, 2015

So much good adoption news.  The two bonded brothers (named Wrigley and Woodstock) were adopted together – someone actually came looking for a bonded pair.  Also I think Sami, and as I looked back through the book I saw that Max and Patty and Violet and many others were adopted too.

This sweet and calm young lady was in the process of being adopted when I arrived at PetSmart on Saturday.  She will have a cat and a dog to live with.  She does not seem at all high-strung or tense, so I think she has every chance of doing well.



She was about six months old, interested in things, but calm, and wise beyond her years I thought.


“Where did they go, those people that have to fill out my paperwork?”

“Shopping, sweetie.”


“What is shopping?”

“Getting things for you.”



February 12, 2015

Sara (an adolescent kitty) snoozed.  She went back to see the vet for a bare patch on her leg, which we subsequently found out was NOT ringworm, so we hope she will be with us again very soon.


Orange girls

February 11, 2015

Seems to me I read somewhere lately that only ten percent of orange cats are female.  Well, we had two.

Both were a little on the sleepy side, but liked attention.

This is Amber.


And this is Canot.


Sweet Violet

February 10, 2015

This young tortie was a little shy, but accepted attention when offered, and she was so pretty!  (There was another slightly older tortie girl with us too but somehow I managed not to get her picture…)