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Boys boys boys

December 17, 2018

What a collection of lively boys we had this week!

This is Raymond, he’s a young adult about a year old, not unfriendly but way more interested in playing with cats than hanging out with humans.  Despite his kitteny face, he’s a big boy.

He and this tiny dog were very interested in one another.

Then there were these three brothers, about eight months old, and FULL OF ACTION.




They all had a good time.  It was pretty wild with them all rumbling around such a small room.

Adopted last week:  some, but not all, of the kittens, and Wolfie.



Girls in and out

December 14, 2018

Jasmine still doesn’t like the others, but she’s beginning to get up and walk around just a little, which can only do her good and help bring down her weight.  She stomped around her end of the room for a little and then settled down in the cabinet.

This girl just arrived Saturday so she was a little withdrawn while adjusting.  When we passed by the store the other day she seemed much more active, and had been named Nyla.

Kitten Wednesday

December 12, 2018

So many adorable kittens, STILL.

This girl was my favorite.  Her siblings were cute too.  She and the calico were both adopted, I am not sure about the brothers.

This little orange guy was all alone, and he was Mr Personality.  He was snapped up while we were there.

These two handsome brothers, on the bigger end of the kitten spectrum, were having a nap.  One of them has been adopted since last weekend.

And this youngster was shy until you went and paid attention to him, at which point he became a lovebug.


December 10, 2018

It was a big week for adoptions last week!  Adopted: Julie, Booberry, Roscoe, and Star!  Charlie was already sneezing last Saturday so it’s no surprise he went back to see the doctor.

Oddly, we got a big influx of kittens (it’s December, people…) and you’ll see them on Kitten Wednesday.

Today’s new boy is Wolfie.  He’s a quiet, portly gentleman who reminds me a lot of my late cat Toby.

I didn’t get to spend time with him because we had so many kitten adoptions going on, but I hope that I will next weekend.

Keeping up

December 7, 2018

Our adult residents made sure that we were keeping up with our work.

Roscoe was inspecting something very important here, we weren’t sure what.

He checked to be sure there weren’t too many toys lost under the cages.

He made sure Charlie was doing his job up on the counter.

Charlie looks like he’s disappointed in our efforts.

Charlie made sure the cardboard house was clean.

Roscoe also checked into the play/treat services.

Star did what all supervisors do.

Kitten Wednesday

December 5, 2018

These two orangey guys were five months old and purry.

They were interested in Charlie.

These two were not too interested in people.  The one with the pink nose did better with being petted, and actually purred a little.



Carrying on

December 3, 2018

Tess was adopted by herself last week, leaving Julie to find her footing on her own.

She seemed to be doing ok, and played quite well with Booberry.

Booberry enjoyed playing with her, except when this little grey mouse entered the picture.  Booberry was like a kitten with this thing, growling at any cat who came near even if they showed no interest in her mouse.  (You can see Julie’s tail in this picture, that was as close as she could get when Booberry had the mouse.)

She also enjoyed getting in the tunnel and encouraging Julie to jump on her.