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Oops, we did it again…

September 17, 2018

For the second time this year, I am coming here to say that a cat I shared from Petsmart has come to live at our house.

Martin (who doesn’t have a firm new name yet) is cat #5.  I realize that’s way fewer than people like Connie and Terry have, but it’s a new high for me.  My kid insisted on this one…  So even though we were away and didn’t make it to the cat room Saturday, we made it there yesterday…  Wish him luck!  So far nobody is much interested in him and he’s avoiding direct meetings, which seems auspicious.  He’s five months old and a little guy with (as you may be able to see) BIG FEET.

Also adopted last week:  Leo and Shay!  Rocky and Roxie!



September 12, 2018

This youngster aged about five months was the biggest lover ever.  All he wanted to do was get up next to whoever was at the door of his cage and be petted.  I’m sure he’s already gone to a great home.

Black and white

September 10, 2018

Things seemed to come in twos this past weekend.  Besides the floofy pair you met last week, we still had the two white fellows.  Because their six month birthday is approximately now, we let them out to have the run of the place, and they went wild.

In this corner:  Harry.

In this corner: Ron.

Time to rumble!

“What, me wild?  Surely not.”

Then we had a pair of black kittens who’ve also been with us for a couple of weeks, Rocky and Roxie.  They did a lot of rumbling together too, but were too young to be let out.

Adopted in the last week: gabby Gabby the tabby, Sue of the tuxie toes, AND Ellie and Jethro!

Still catching up

September 7, 2018

This was supposed to be a Toesday picture, but it was overtaken by floof.  Sorry, Sue of the pretty toes!

These two white boys, about six months old, were the lively ones that leaped from their cage and caused Monica to have a conniption.  They were pretty cool cats, friendly and lively.

Gabby the kitten still had a lot to say this week, but she wasn’t willing to say it on camera.

Super floof

September 5, 2018

This bonded pair brother and sister got the Most Floof In A Cage award on Saturday.

Aren’t they lovely?  They are quiet and friendly too.  If I had room for two cats at my house, I’d take home a pair like this.  They came out for awhile to look around, but Monica had a little fit when TWO lively young boy cats bounced up to her repeatedly, and the noise scared them so they retreated to their space to regroup.

I know the boy’s name is Leo; the girl’s name is Shay.

Labor Day

September 3, 2018

The human holiday is almost over but the cats never stop doing their work.

Holding down that bed is hard work.

Catching up

August 31, 2018

We’ve been away dealing with a family emergency so we can just now share all of last weekend’s cats.

The kittens are almost all bigger, 4-5 month old kittens now.  They were mostly pretty calm and outgoing.

This one loved to be held, and purred the entire time she was also squirming.

This one wondered why I woke her up.

This one waited for a chance to be held.

Notice a theme yet?  We had ten cats in the room on Saturday, and six of them were black (including Monica, Trina, and pair of kittens that were too busy to sit for a photo), and there’s the one tuxedo.

Gabby has a complaint.

“My complaint is there are not enough tabbies.)


Ellie considered rolling around on the litter bin again.

Jethro decided it was his responsibility to take a break from playing with a toy mouse, to save her from herself.

I know it’s a tough job, Jethro.