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Thanks anyway

February 15, 2019

Nina stepped outside to have a look around.  However, she decided there were way too many cats, and declined to proceed further.



February 14, 2019

Lightning wasn’t sure about us.  It seems we’re having a run of black and white cats who feel that way!

Kitten Wednesday

February 13, 2019

Yeah, I know.  In February??  but here were these two cute three month old kittens.

That’s Cleopatra, giving her sister the stink eye for photobombing.  Maybe you can tell by the eye that’s not skeptical, but she has beautiful exotic eyes, which probably provided her name.

This is Gander.  She was in the process of being adopted and was about to go home.

“Where’d he go?”


Sweetie was

February 11, 2019

This adorable little girl, about five months old, was clearly named for a reason.  She was the sweetest thing.

She was adopted really quickly, of course.

Adopted last week: Tyler/Wally.  We don’t know who adopted him so we hope he’s happy with quiet humans and other cats.

What’s going on out there

February 6, 2019

While Belle played with the dot, and tried to stay away from Wednesday, Tyler/Wally was fascinated.

If he thought we were paying attention to him he retreated, but he was so interested in the dot.

He did end up jumping down, jogging into Nina’s cage, getting an extremely rude welcome, and jumping back up into his own cage again, all while we watched in amusement.

Wally was adopted later that evening, so we hope he got to go somewhere with other nice cats and a red dot.

Belle likes the dot

February 4, 2019

Belle doesn’t like us too much (unless we’re petting her through the bars) but someone gave us a laser pointer and she LOVED that red dot.

“Where did it go?”

Adopted last week: Winston, and Honor who had been waiting a number of weeks.  Sweet little Violet had to go see the vet because her spay incision was popping.

As you were

February 1, 2019

Everyone else at the cat room basically went on as they had begun.

Nina wished we were not there.

Ozzie ran wild, continuing to hope someone would play with him but no one was willing, and Valerie/Wednesday made sure to tell him so, which confused him.

Wally/Tyler did his best to avoid us, but poked his head out and tried to see his neighbors, when he thought we weren’t looking.

Belle talked to us a lot, trying to fool us into letting her out, at which point she would turn into a hissing tornado who is nearly impossible to put back.  So we admired her, talked to her, and scritched her head through the bars, which she mostly liked.