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Two’s a crowd

April 19, 2021

Back in the cat room! Two inmates this week. Spot was still with us! making him the longest serving inmate of this phase of cat room life at almost three weeks. (Just because a fellow is six years old and a little stout doesn’t mean he can’t be a great companion! He’s a very nice cat.)

He even took a second to look at the world outside his space.

He has a sore raw spot on the left side of his mouth, however, which seems to be bothering him – when I tried to hold his head still so I could take a picture of it, he got upset. So I hope he will get back to see a vet about it.

Poor Lucky, down at the other end, wasn’t feeling so lucky I don’t think. He was so scared of his environment.

But the longer I was there, the more he seemed at war with himself – he wanted to be petted, but he didn’t like the smell of the hand sanitizer, and didn’t want to come out of his safe space. I think with a lot of patient attention he’ll warm up. We seem to have some new volunteers, so I hope he’ll get this attention.

Comings and goings

April 5, 2021

The cats I met last week have been adopted – in fact, they were adopted the afternoon of the day I was there (except for Maya who went back to the doctor).

Today we have three new friends.

Penelope was a very scared tabby lady. She tolerated me working around her to clean her space and even let me pick her up for a second while doing so. She just didn’t want to be where she was.

Next door to her was Fern. At first, Fern was rather hidey, but when I came back to the room from washing things, she had come out of her cube and in fact was asking to be petted!

There was some purring going on too. This one is rather sweet!

Down on the end was Spot. Yes, somehow in the course of four or five weeks we’ve managed to have two cats named Spot. This guy was about six years old, and was rather playful – a small toy mouse made him particularly happy.

Three’s company

March 29, 2021

I took a break last week to get my first COVID vaccine (yay!) and was back in the room today to see who we had.  Apparently kittens are flying out of the room as soon as they arrive and people are phoning up asking for kittens.  That leaves these perfectly good cats actually waiting for days, for the first time in quite awhile.

Cheddar is going to make someone a very good household assistant and all around buddy.

He’s about a year old and followed me all around the room while I cleaned up for the residents.  He was particularly interested in making sure I didn’t overlook the condition of the cabinet.

Reese is a fluffy boy about five years old who was most interested in eating as soon as I filled up his empty dish, but did come out and look around.  He got along fine with Cheddar, they met and said hello and went about their individual business.

He’s a little pink and squinty in his right eye, so I hope he is adopted soon and gets a vet visit, otherwise he’ll have to go back and see the rescue doctor.

Maya was feeling a little less well than the others and chose to remain in her space.  She is also about five years old and had some unfortunate greenish discharge from her eyes, so she will probably be picked up tomorrow to see the doctor.  She was friendly when petted, just on the quiet side.

Right now, she’s holding the record for being in the cat room, compared to recent residents, at seven whole days.

Jenny rules the roost

March 15, 2021

I scooted into PetSmart for an hour this morning to clean up after yesterday’s adoptions.  There was one little girl there, aged 7 months, whom I named Jenny after the children’s book character Jenny Linsky.  I’ve done this before when a little black cat seemed sweet and spunky.  This girl was also a huge talker!  She spent the entire time I was there telling me about how it is.  I bet she will be snapped up during this afternoon’s adoption hours – we can’t keep cats “in stock” which is a good thing, I think.

Nobody home

March 7, 2021

Well, there were no cats in the cat room today!  Big Sam and little Spot from last week were adopted, and other cats that came in during the week had all gone out.  So I was able to get the room cleaned and ready for new arrivals, which we will probably have tomorrow or the next day.

I have nothing cute to show you from the cat room so here is a picture of my cats enjoying one of their favorite things: a wool blanket over my lap.

Just two

February 28, 2021

Cats still are flying out of our adoption center as fast as they come in. Today there were just two cats in residence, and three vacated cages that needed cleaning.

This little orange girl was just under a year old, very shy but also friendly to someone who quietly petted her.

Then there was this guy.

His name is Sam. He looks like an ordinary quiet tabby boy.

But when he unfolded himself from his cubby, he was the biggest cat I’ve ever seen.

I think he holds the record for biggest cat we’ve ever had in my twelve-ish years in the cat room. He might be a little overweight, but not that much, he’s just gigantic, so long, and he weighs about 30 pounds. When I sat down in his cage to visit him, he came over and lay down beside me and put his head on my leg and purred – he wanted to be with me and also to get a peek out at the room. When he finally came out, he looked under the cages and decided he wouldn’t fit, so he tried the cabinet. That wasn’t so great either.

I fished him out and hauled him back to his cage because if he got stuck somewhere I wouldn’t want to have to drag him out.

Our two big cats from last week were, of course, adopted. These guys should find homes quickly too. This is kind of an amazing time for adoptions and I hope people still love these pets when they’re not shut up with them in their homes day in and day out!

The orange and the black

February 21, 2021

Cats are being adopted like mad! I guess when people are around the house all the time, they realize how much nicer it would be with furry company. Sassy was adopted, the sweet black and white girl was adopted, and the quiet black kitty was adopted. The little scared one was still there today, and so much less scared, but she was sneezing so she went back to see the doctor. That left one cat, Licorice.

She was carefully watching what was going on because someone was filling out paperwork to adopt her. She’s going to go home to a kitty brother about her age who needs a playmate. This girl is very friendly and lively, and was happy to be underfoot, on everything, and up at the ceiling while I was cleaning.

They brought us two super handsome big and FLUFFY boys who are probably Maine Coon mixes. I was so busy cleaning and reviewing paperwork and washing litterboxes that I didn’t get to meet them properly. The dark orange guy was very talkative and friendly and wanted to come out and visit.

He was hard to photograph because every time I looked at him he jumped up and came to the cage door to yell at me to let him out.

His neighbor (brother? we were not sure; their numbers were consecutive so they came into rescue at the same time, but whether they are actually brothers we can’t say) was more buff than orange, quieter and less interested in talking. He curled up in his litterbox, kneaded the sides as if it was a cozy bed, and dozed. He also seemed to be sweet and friendly.

The orange guy was a featured cat on Last Chance’s Facebook page, so he probably will be snapped up quickly. I hope it ‘s the same for his brother.

Is this thing on??

February 14, 2021

Hey! Catonsville is more or less back in business with cats at Petsmart! Because we have so few volunteers they are trying to keep the cages at half capacity, so there are generally four cages filled at a time. Of course, when kitten season comes, four cages will probably be sixteen cats… and with volunteers only every other day and the store staff stretched really thin, the mess will be much greater than I was used to. And this WordPress new interface is super confusing to me, it was nothing like this a year ago…


You came here for CATS. Now if I can just figure out how to insert pictures.

This is the only one I named, as I was so busy cleaning and refilling the litter bin and straightening out paperwork and cage tags. She is clearly entitled to be called Sassy.

She was high energy, wanted to be into everything, and would start biting the leg of my pants if I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. She’ll stir up whatever home she goes to!

This sweet black and white girl had someone interested in her while I was there, so I hope she will be headed to a new home with a laid back adult male cat to be her companion. She wasn’t wanting to mix it up with Sassy, but she really wanted to be petted.

“I’m coming!”

“That’s what I was after!”

This little one was just really scared. She didn’t mind being petted while in her cage, but once she was out in the room she was terrified and I had to drag her out from under the cabinet by her collar.

This girl (they were all girls) chose to remain in her space. She was uncertain about hands reaching for her, but if you started to pet her she was very pleased about it.

That’s who we have for this week. I intended to go every other Sunday but when I saw how thin the calendar was, I decided to try to go every Sunday. Maybe when things settle down a little and we get more volunteers, I will have more time to actually get to know the inmates and give you more of an idea what they are like. Our cat room is really super small, so being in there with adopters is pretty close quarters, and adopters are required to show up between 12 and 3 and work with a store associate to process their adoption, while pretty much staying out of the room except when they are actually meeting the cats. It’s not ideal but it’s better than no cats finding a home through us.

Glad to be back and it’s time for me to catch up on everyone whose blogs are in my sidebar!

My coworkers

April 27, 2020

My coworkers are delighted to have me in their office, and want to assist however possible.

There are no cats in our adoption center right now and have not been all month – the room is so tiny that it is impossible to be six feet away from someone who wants to look at or adopt a cat.  We will be back with kitties as soon as it’s safe.  Shelters are struggling with lots of burdens at this time, including the inability to conduct spay surgeries unless they have an in-house vet.  Show your local shelter/rescue some love if you can, and take care of any neighborhood strays that come to you for help.

Unexpected pair

March 17, 2020

The word went out among the volunteers yesterday: Moonshine and Mooshu were adopted.  TOGETHER.  Which is so funny because I don’t think Mooshu ever came out of his cage to have the chance to meet Moonshine.

She isn’t likely to be in his face, not with how she feels about other cats.

This is an interesting outcome and we hope they enjoy having a new home with plenty of room to keep whatever distance they choose.

Leonard was also adopted last week, on his own.  Stitch is in the market for a new playmate.