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March 31, 2015

When we arrived, this pretty young adult girl was relaxing.


However, she was not that keen on company and kept up a low growling as Emmy tried to socialize with her.  She seems to really dislike other cats, and she’s since been moved to an upstairs condo where she doesn’t have to see them as much.  I hope she unwinds, because she’s a cute little thing.


“I will NOT unwind as long as I have to see OTHER CATS.”


Her nose matches her collar.


March 30, 2015

This girl was an attention-getter because we seldom have pure white cats.  She had lovely gold eyes and a friendly personality.





It wasn’t until I sat down and put her on my lap, though, that her specialness became obvious.  This girl liked to be held and hugged.  First she settled onto my lap, but it wasn’t long before she reached up and put her paws against my shoulder.  What a sweetie!  It’s no surprise that she was adopted that very same evening.




Bottle baby Friday

March 27, 2015

Since we didn’t go to PetSmart last Saturday it’s been a boring week here in terms of photos.  However, today I can share a picture of a teeny tiny little kitten that’s being cared for by my petsitter.  A client of hers found it under their shed and after waiting 24 hours for the mom to come back they brought her inside and cleaned her up and started looking for someone to take her.  She’s so little her eyes aren’t open and her ears aren’t up yet.


Tabby toes

March 20, 2015

Stripey tabby toes are hard to resist, so I started taking pictures of toes.  I ended up with almost all the toes in the room at least once.  I know I should have posted this on Toesday but I like to save the fun stuff for Fridays!





These aren’t toes that are tabby, but they are toes of tabbies…




Wasn’t that fun??  I love tabby toes.

We did have one cat with us who was not in the least a tabby.  She was easy to overlook because she was shy and scared and not sure if she wanted anything to do with us.  Emmy set herself to make friends with her.  Her name is Giselle.  It turned out kind of well – Giselle isn’t remade into a lover yet, but I think she had a pleasant hour.


Archie wanted in on the fun.





More tabbies

March 19, 2015

I still have more tabbies to show you.  I want to get them all in today because I have some fun pictures for tomorrow.

This is Jessie.  She was silky and quiet and friendly and also seemed inclined to play with Harley, which was surprising and adorable.


She had three stripes down her back but the rest of her tabbyness was not so pronounced.


Two seconds before this picture was taken, Harley was in the cage above and they were doing whappy paws.  Sorry it’s blurry but it’s the only picture I got that shows the playful side of Miss Jessie.


This is Mila.  She had a little cali-tabby coloring and liked people, but really really disliked other cats.  Given this was a friendly, interactive group, we encouraged her to stay in her cage and visited her there.  She had a little of the same eye problem that Archie exhibited.  We’ve seen this kind of thing a lot in PetSmart cats, there must be an eye bug going around out there in the world.



And this is our non-brown cat, Tobey.  He was a little shy and didn’t want to come out and mix with the crowd, but he enjoyed having human visits and playtime with his ball track.


“I too am a tabby!  I’m just orange!”


Brown and white boys

March 18, 2015

Two of our brown tabbies on Saturday had a lot of white.  There were two ways to tell them apart as they were almost the same size – noses, and color.

Harley had a funny spotty face and he was a bit on the light brown side.



He was a pretty calm happy sort of guy and got along with everyone.  It was a nice collection of cats this week!

Felix was a darker shade of brown and had a plain white face.  He was a big talker!  He spoke to you whenever you spoke to him.


He had very good manners and an elegant way of sitting.



See?  Harley on the left, Felix on the right.



March 17, 2015

This handsome and lovable fellow was being adopted as we left on Saturday afternoon.  He was so friendly and outgoing, and at the same time mellow – had no fear of the other cats in the room, didn’t try to play too hard but also didn’t mind if they got in his face.  And he liked to be held, when I picked him up to show him off, he relaxed and purred.

The family that picked him had an elderly beagle but had never had a cat till they found one wandering in their neighborhood and took him in.  By the time their found cat was matched with a reported lost cat, they’d grown attached.  Archie seemed to take to them right away, especially their small boy.  I think he’ll be very happy.  He’d had an eye infection while lost and wandering the streets on his own, but the scar tissue is expected to gradually clear over time.