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Foster Friday

August 18, 2017

Before getting to cute pictures of Sparrow – yesterday, all the cats in our cat room were taken back to the rescue because one of the kittens clearly had ringworm.  They want to treat them all, or at least watch them closely for a few days to be sure it hasn’t spread.  This is always devastating for us, because our long-time adults have become pretty comfortable in our space and we hate to think of them having to move.  So after a thorough cleaning we should have new cats by tomorrow.

Sparrow is getting more relaxed about her space.  She’s the happiest girl – when I roll out my yoga mat to do my workout, she lies down at the end above my head and remains there, purring, until I’m done.

She’s decided the desk is ok to hang out on, also, although it’s difficult when I’m working at home and have two computers going at the same time.

She’s such a good girl in almost every way.  Her only flaw is that she poops beside the litterbox.  I’ve bought Cat Attract, gotten a second litterbox – nothing.  She tidily pees in both boxes so she’s not averse to them.  I rolled out a sheet of leftover vinyl from my kitchen floor so she can do this without damaging my hardwood, but it’s hard to imagine her getting adopted out with this behavior.  I started her on Cosequin because Connie from Tails of the Foster Kittens suggested she might be arthritic and having trouble maintaining the position.  I’m pessimistic about that, though, because it’s not like she scatters poop about – it’s neatly in one place.  We’ll keep looking for solutions.

We also think she might be a wee bit deaf.  At her next visit we’ll ask them to check to verify.

We love her but aren’t sure whether we could keep her, if the right people don’t come along.  In return for picking up a bit of poop once a day you’d get so many purrs and so much love.


August 17, 2017

We didn’t even get to meet Dolly.  She was flagged to go back to the vet because of an overabundance of snot, and she slept the entire time we were there.  She looked like she would have been a really sweet girl.

Kitten Wednesday

August 16, 2017

Once again, many kittens.  There are fewer teacup-kittens and more sturdy looking kids who are about 12 weeks old.

This little girl was by herself after the adoption of a sister.  She won’t have to wait long, as cute as she is.

This little fellow was another singleton.  He was very lively, wanted to GOGOGO and called out to us constantly to LETMEOUT.

These two were playing together while an adopted filled out the paperwork for the little orange girl.  They were both a good combination of active and mellow.

She looks smug about the whole thing but really she was extremely sweet.


New furniture

August 15, 2017

Heather decided that the new furniture in the cat room suited her very well.

“He’s doing it again Mom!”


August 14, 2017

A bunch of adopted kittens.  Still the same adults, and a new one this week.  Someone named him Eightball.  It’s easy to see why.

He has cute toes even though it’s not Toesday.

Eightball in the corner, yuck yuck…

Unexpected guest

August 11, 2017

We interrupt our regular programming to tell you about an unexpected guest.

This is Sparrow.  After she spent three days in a neighbor’s backyard it was clear she had nowhere to go and was not feral, so we brought her here to set her up in my office.

She is an adult, but we don’t think she’s old.  She seems to have fleas, and her belly is matted, but her tail and the rest of her fur don’t show signs of wear and tear.  She is quiet (has a silent meow), and purrs when petted.

After it became clear she needed help, we brought her here and set her up in my office although I wasn’t planning to foster anyone for awhile.  She does not seem pleased with cats outside her door; our young one is not pleased to know she’s in here, but the older one has seen this happen before and is pretty blasé about it.  She knows how to eat and drink out of a bowl and use a litterbox, and is not freaked out by being indoors.  We’ll visit the vet with her this afternoon to get flea treatment and a combo test and a general look-over, and after she has a chance to settle in we’ll start driving her to weekend adoption events for the rescue that has agreed to put her on their books.  She will be available for adoption through the Feline Rescue Association as soon as her medical info comes back.

She loves people and as long as she can tolerate weekly visits to a cage she ought to have no trouble finding a home, as beautiful as she is with her long hair and pretty eyes, and her sort of calitabby coloring.


Kitten Wednesday

August 9, 2017

Here they all are.

Somehow this little guy was still there from last week.  We couldn’t see why, as he was adorable and affectionate.

The group of black ones was going back because one appeared to have ringworm and another had a head cold.  Poor kittens, so many seem to come to us slightly under the weather and have to turn right around and head back.

They didn’t act sick, they were very inquisitive and squirmy.

Then there was this mixed set.  They were a blended litter, different ages but clearly together from very young.

And another pair of black ones.  This year the kitten color of choice seems to be black.  This one had a sister but she was too busy to be photographed.