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Socializing and snoopervising

January 19, 2018

Shadow was still a quiet self-contained boy.

Darling, however, decided that he needed company.  While he seemed slightly confused at first, he did not object.

Then she decided she needed a lap.

Meanwhile, Peaches came out and it turns out she’s a real snoopervisor – telling everyone who the boss is, and examining the facilities.

Piña was much friendlier, and accepted petting, but was unimpressed with the snoopervision.



January 17, 2018

This handsome boy was a little shy about coming out of his cage, but the minute anyone came by to see him, he began kneading his white bed liner like mad.  Sweet guy, and a little on the older side.


January 16, 2018

Adopted last week: Frannie, Fritz, and Benny!

This fellow moved into Benny’s cage, and it made me go AW because I had a pair of cats named Toby and Bonnie and now we have two cats with those names next to each other in the cat room.

Toby was an interesting looking guy with a calm attitude.  Once or twice he hissed at some other cat, but he didn’t cause trouble.

Doesn’t he have interesting eyes?

He went and hung out in Darling’s cage after checking out the room.

Bonnie was not impressed with her new neighbor and didn’t want to get acquainted.  She still purred like a fire engine if anyone came to pet her but didn’t want to come out of her hiding place.


January 12, 2018

This pretty older lady had NO INTEREST in taking a positive view of ANYTHING.  We felt bad for her, and we hope she will let us pay her some attention soon.  Kind of the polar opposite of Peaches, isn’t she?


January 11, 2018

This is Darling.  She’s a sweet dilute tortie girl who talks to you nonstop till you open her door.  Then she wants to be petted.  She has very low vision due to untreated respiratory infections, but she can totally find her way around the room, she knows how to look you in the face when she wants something or you talk to her, and she can see the laser pointer dot if you don’t move it too quickly out of her field of vision.  She’s fine with other cats until they begin hissing in her face (Fritz, I’m looking at you).  She was very busy exploring, and whenever you came up and pointed a camera at her, she immediately started to beg for petting.

Kitten Wednesday

January 10, 2018

Frannie and Fritz were the closest we came to having kittens last weekend, and it’s about time, too.

Fritz was a busy young fellow about six months old.  He was hard to photograph because he never stopped moving.  He had great stripes.

Frannie was a little younger, but also a perpetual motion machine.

Benny and Bonnie

January 9, 2018

We had two super shy ones this time.  They both hid in their cubes, but were willing to be petted if we came to them.

Bonnie was a pretty calico tabby girl who purred REALLY loudly when you petted her.

Mostly this is what we saw from the outside.

Benny was a cute tabby and white guy.  He didn’t give much outward sign that he liked being petted, the way Bonnie did.

But if you went away, he checked to see if you were coming back.