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October 17, 2017

Pepper was a busy and friendly calico tabby girl who was always on the lookout for an adventure.

You can see she’s thinking about getting into something.

She had no trouble with the other cats in the room, just ignored them and went about her business, which led her to a lot of UP.

She was also a talker, so before and after doing anything, she announced it.



October 13, 2017

The grownups in the room took things much easier than those crazy kids.

This is Paris.  She spent most of her time just watching the goings on and hoping to catch some pets.

Wildfire spent her time napping.

Fonzie got as much lap time as he could, and when he couldn’t, he enjoyed the furniture.

An interesting pair

October 12, 2017

These two cats were together in a single large cage.  Their numbers were consecutive, so they were together at least in foster if not before in their previous life.  Could they have been more different?  A chunky and quiet six year old white cat, and a slim and playful four or five month old black cat.  I would love to know their story.  Sadly it’s almost a guarantee that they will be separated when adopted.


Kitten Wednesday

October 11, 2017



October 10, 2017

This little guy had all of the mischief you’d expect from his name, but none of the scaries.  He was super lively but also sweet and friendly.  I have no doubt he’s already been adopted, as there were three people interested in him in the first half of Saturday.

That was a rare moment of stillness for him, more often he looked more like this:

Oh, and we can’t omit to mention the adorable spotted belly.


Fonzie; Miss Noname

October 6, 2017

This dark tabby fellow was friendly and sweet.  He knew what he liked best.

He was much quieter than you’d expect for being named Fonzie.

Then there was this sweet girl without a name.  She was a very young adult, and all she wanted was ATTENTIONPLEASERIGHTNOW.  So it was hard to get any pictures.  This is the best we could do.

Kitten Wednesday

October 4, 2017

We are still getting kittens but they are definitely in the somewhat older range now that we’re into fall.

These two girls were interesting looking, buff with golden eyes and narrow Siamese heads.  They were also shy and not interested in being pestered – but they wanted to see everything we were doing.

This little guy was so sleek and soft, but surprisingly also a little shy.

“No more pictures.”

“Well, maybe one more.”

This guy was left from a group that had been with us the week before.

Gordie had been with us before, but had to go back to have some meds for a cold.  He was the sweetest thing, purring the whole time I was trying to take his picture.  He got himself adopted the other day, which is no surprise as he was both cute and sweet.

He looked like he had a very dirty face but we tried washing it and nothing changed, so I guess he’s always going to look like he’s been putting his nose where it doesn’t belong.