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Kitten Wednesday

August 24, 2016

We had two other five-month-olds besides Rusty this weekend, and they were SO HAPPY to play together.

This is Angie.  She has already been adopted.



She had a great time running madly up and down the room with Russell, who came in with a brother but was left behind.


While they ran around like nuts, the smaller kittens watched enviously, when they weren’t spilling their food.  This little group of three was a mixed litter.  These two went together.  The black and white girl was a little bit of a biter, and the tabby boy was nothing but a love bug.


With them was a slightly younger boy, beautiful and floofy, with a slightly damaged eye.  He was adopted the next morning.



Then we got a new group of three, to put into our one empty cage.


These three boys were still a little anxious about their new home.  The brown and white one went straight to the window and observed.  The other two wanted to get petted, and to get down and run around.






Then the orange one discovered the window.  The tabby boy still just wanted love.




August 23, 2016

This week we’ll have two days of kittens because we had so many!  This boy gets his own post because he made me laugh so much.  He was extremely busy, but rather conflicted.  More than anything he wanted to be out running with our other lively tweener cats, but he wasn’t sure how he felt about cats.  Thus, he ran up and down the room with them, but kept randomly hissing all the while.


He was a pretty boy, a dark reddish shade of orange.

When he got sick of running and hissing, he established himself in Delilah’s cage.


As you saw yesterday, she didn’t feel motivated to push him out, but she did give him the icy glare.


August 22, 2016

I kept calling this pretty girl Shorty because she resembles another famous cat.  She didn’t seem to mind, she had other things to consider.


She was friendly and sweet but had no interest in coming out of her space.  We had a few VERY lively five-month-olds running madly up and down the room, and she wanted no part of that.


Isn’t she pretty?



What do you suppose she’s glaring at here?


You’ll see tomorrow…

Adopted: Skittles and Nepsie

August 16, 2016

I was very happy to hear that on Saturday both Nepsie and Skittles were adopted.  I will miss both of those sweet girls!



And all the kittens…

August 11, 2016

We won’t be at PetSmart Saturday so we won’t have new kitties for you next week.  Therefore, here are all the kittens from last Saturday.  When I stopped in the store yesterday, the two orange ones were gone, not sure why, and the tag on the three that were there for the second week had their tag turned around as if they were pending pickup.

Kittens0806.1 Kittens0806.2 Kittens0806.3 Kittens0806.4 Kittens0806.5 Kittens0806.6 Kittens0806.7 Kittens0806.8 Kittens0806.9 Kittens0806.10 Kittens0806.11 Kittens0806.12 Kittens0806.13 Kittens0806.14 Kittens0806.15 Kittens0806.16 Kittens0806.17 Kittens0806.18 Kittens0806.19 Kittens0806.20 Kittens0806.21


August 9, 2016

Nepsie has been with the rescue a long time, she’s half price.  Which is too bad because she’s definitely a complete cat.


And I’m not just saying that because she’s rather overweight.  She really is both sweet and cute.  She LOVES to be petted and purrs extremely loudly.  If you want a cat who will cuddle up with you and run her engine for you, Nepsie would be great company.  Having a stairway to run up and down and windows to jump into would be a bonus for her health and her figure, too.



August 8, 2016

This handsome fellow was another tripod like Hopper.  He had been hopping a little longer, though, as his fur was more grown in than hers was when she first joined us.  And he was such a lover!


I decided I needed to go sit down with him and say hello, partly because he reminded me so much of my Toby.  He rewarded me by crawling into my lap.


Apparently he has been out and about in the room, and jumped up into the towel shelf in the cabinet.

This is an awesome cat.