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September 18, 2017

We didn’t go to the cat room Saturday so no new pictures.

Here’s Sparrow sleeping – she’s mostly deaf, so I can sneak in and take a picture of her and sometimes she won’t even wake up.

She proofreads my work.

And she has quite the floofy tail.


Erica looks around

September 15, 2017

This week, pretty Erica decided she’d take a look around and see what her sister Storm is always talking about.

She didn’t mind Aphrodite, and she and her brother Darrin exchanged brief headbutts.  There was a whole black cat conference going on there.

She must have come out to give Darrin a sendoff, as he was adopted just afterwards, to go live with another cat about his age who needs a friend.

Meanwhile Storm kept busy.  She claimed part of a lap for herself regardless of the presence of a kitten.


September 14, 2017

This little goddess was about a year old, sleek and silky, and pretty calm and friendly too.  She went and sat in the big cage with scared Erica from the group of three, and things were very peaceful there.

Kitten Wednesday

September 13, 2017

Our kittens are getting older.  This mixed litter of three was the youngest at 9/10/11 weeks.

These two girls are five months old and are not really getting reconciled to their surroundings even after two weeks.

This one was left behind when her sister was adopted.

This pair is a little timid.

Then there’s the pretty little black one who won’t hold still for her photo but who has been with us for three weeks at least.  We seem to be in an adoption lull.


September 12, 2017

I love how amid a kitten scrum you’ll often see a perfectly stationary turned up toe.

A better look at Teddy

September 11, 2017

Teddy was out and about more this weekend.  He still didn’t want other cats getting near him, but he was willing to stomp around the room saying hello to us and surveying his surroundings.  We think he will be adopted this week, someone is planning to come get him Wednesday unless he’s snapped up before then.

It’s not Toesday, but: Teddy’s toes.

Teddy bear

September 8, 2017

Mr. Teddy was a huge handsome ragdoll type cat with bluish eyes and tabby stripes in his color points.  He was kind of shy of the neighbors and spent most of his time under the cages.  But he probably won’t be with us too long, with those looks.