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April 16, 2019

This super charming happy fellow had paperwork from a North Carolina shelter saying his name was Bigsby.  He was friendly and affectionate and also super busy.

While we processed Hal’s adoption, he played all over the room with whatever toy he could lay his paws on.

When he was finally done playing he started getting a little sleepy.

He also didn’t mind the other cats wandering around the room – didn’t try to jump them but also didn’t hiss or avoid.  With that personality he won’t be with us long.

Adopted last week: Rusty and Miranda.


The dark side

April 15, 2019

These two guys were new with us this week.  They both had a little white fluff on their chests but were otherwise all dark as far as we could see (we didn’t see much of their bellies).  They were both friendly and sweet but didn’t come out and ramble around.



I only have one picture of Smokers because right after we arrived, someone came in the room, fell in love with him, and took him home.  He was pretty good at closing the deal.

Sparrow 2004?-2019

April 13, 2019

We let Sparrow go today, she’s been getting gradually weaker and less happy. The vet said she thought Sparrow was 14 or 15. She was already kind of a mess by the time we took her in off the street in August 2017, and I feel bad that we could never make her a healthy lively cat again, but the vet agreed that there was some underlying disease keeping her down.  When I was looking through my pictures for some to add here, I could see right away how much she’d deteriorated.

She was an odd little cat – at various times I called her my attachment-disorder cat or my dementia kitty because she was just different from all the others in how she interacted.  Because I hadn’t known her long it was harder to read her and decide how she was really feeling.  At least for 18 months she had a warm radiator to sleep on and warm food to eat. RIP little Sparrow, sorry we couldn’t make you better.


April 12, 2019

Lily has gotten a little braver.  This week she sat at the front of her cage and watched what was happening.  We finally got to see that she has cute white toes just like Audra!

Miranda and Hal

April 11, 2019

Isn’t Miranda the prettiest thing ever?  She was about a year old, loved attention but was also just a little skittish.  She seemed to really like hanging out with Audra.

She is no longer in the store so I hope we’ll find out she was adopted.

Then there was this very gentlemanly guy named Hal.

He was hard to photograph because he kept doing this.

We didn’t get to spend much time with him because we had been there only a few minutes when a woman knocked on the door carrier in hand, and said in the most delighted possible tone of voice, “I’ve come to adopt Hal.”  She’d met him the evening before and fallen in love, and having recently lost an 18 year old kitty she was ready for a new friend.  We were very happy to send him on his way and he seemed happy too – he went into the carrier to look it over as soon as she put it on the floor.


April 10, 2019

Rusty was the closest thing we had to a kitten last weekend.  He was just under a year old and so soft and plush.

He wasn’t interested in coming out and socializing.  In fact, he jumped down, then totally regretted it and tried to jump back up but wasn’t sure which cage was his.

We think he was adopted during the weekend as he was not there Monday night, but we’ll know for sure on Saturday.

That’s a grumpy face but he’s not grumpy.


April 9, 2019

Vickie is a pretty and slightly stout dilute calico girl.  She wanted attention so much!  She started calling out to us as soon as we entered the room.  I sat down with her and petted her for quite awhile, and she enjoyed it but then she grabbed my arm with both paws and her mouth.  I had an adoption going on and so I didn’t have time to talk it over with her – I suppose she was just saying, “Don’t you dare stop.”