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Cats Currently Waiting at the Catonsville PetSmart

All cats at PetSmart awaiting homes have been spayed/neutered and have had a round of vaccinations and a vet visit.  They are placed at PetSmart through Last Chance Animal Rescue.

We are currently overrun with kittens!  Please come in and find your new best friend!

September 2018


Monica is a lovely sleek girl who doesn’t want to jump out and mix it up with the neighbors, but enjoys visitors.  She has a funny cranky meow but doesn’t mean anything by it.  She seriously dislikes dogs and other cats and would calm down and be a good friend in her own home.

Ron and Harry

Ron and Harry are a pair of super energetic and fun six month old boys who will liven up any home they end up in.  What a playful pair!


Jessica is a beautiful longhaired tortie girl who came in with a matching sister but is now by herself.  She is a little reserved, but warms up quickly and likes gentle attention.


Millie is a sleek tortie girl who also came in with a matching sister and is now left alone.  She can be very shy at first, but once she realizes you are the bringer of petting she is extremely affectionate.


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