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Cats Currently Waiting at the Catonsville PetSmart

All cats at PetSmart awaiting homes have been spayed/neutered and have had a round of vaccinations and a vet visit.  They are placed at PetSmart through Last Chance Animal Rescue.

We are currently overrun with kittens!  Please come in and find your new best friend!

January 2019


Jasmine is a big grey girl with beautiful green eyes who was allowed by her previous owner to become much too fat.  She’s slimming down a little and becoming able to walk around, but she needs a home with the patience to manage her diet until she becomes a more healthy cat again.  Because of her mobility problems she is a little sensitive to sudden approaches, and she dislikes both dogs and other cats, so she needs to be your one and only pet.

If you like grey cats but don’t fall in love with Jasmine, how about


Otter looks a lot like Jasmine!  Slightly chunky, grey, with pretty eyes.  She has a severe grain allergy and not only has to eat grain-free food, she has to be kept from getting bites of anything that isn’t grain-free because it makes her really sick.  When she first came to us, she was unsure whether we were nice, but now with a gentle approach she really enjoys lengthy head rubs.  She might like to be an only cat in a quiet home.


Valerie is a friendly girl who does not really like to be picked up, and doesn’t like other cats, but likes to play and be petted.  She has cute white toes and amazing whiskers.



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