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Cats Currently Waiting at the Catonsville PetSmart

All cats at PetSmart awaiting homes have been spayed/neutered and have had a round of vaccinations and a vet visit.  They are placed at PetSmart through Last Chance Animal Rescue.

We are currently overrun with kittens!  Please come in and find your new best friend!

October 2019


Louisa is eight years old and really wants to be your only pet.  Something happened to her ear at some point but it doesn’t take away from her beauty.  She is having some cage stress and needs you to know that she will seek attention from you when she’s ready and let you know when she’s done.

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise are a pretty bonded pair of girls about one year old.  They are extremely sweet and will greet you happily whenever you turn up.  Then they will turn to their other love: PLAY!  They will play up a storm with whatever toys you can give them.  They particularly like the tunnel.


Emma is about three years old and was evidently found during a trap/neuter/release operation as she has a tipped ear.  She is shy and a little stressed at this time but if you open her cage and whisper to her, she will come to the front and love on you as long as you can stand there.  She has observed that there are other cats around her and has not shown signs of aggression or hostility.

This is a video of Emma getting petted…



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