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Cats Currently Waiting at the Catonsville PetSmart

All cats at PetSmart awaiting homes have been spayed/neutered and have had a round of vaccinations and a vet visit.  They are placed at PetSmart through Last Chance Animal Rescue.

We are currently overrun with kittens!  Please come in and find your new best friend!

August 2019


Molly is the whole package.  She’s pretty, and sweet, and has a really good attitude.  She gets along well with Mandy (see below) but also loves toys and never hisses at the other cats in the room.  She brought up six kittens earlier this year and is so ready to find her own home.


Mandy is a cheerful and friendly two year old girl who likes to play but also enjoys lap time when there’s nothing else to attract her attention.  She’s very interested in other cats, and has a hard time understanding that not all of them want to play with her.  She and Molly do exceptionally well together.


Chloe is a real lap cat.  Whenever a lap presents itself, she’s on it.  She is a little wary of all the other cats in the room but shows no aggression toward them, just a desire to have her personal space respected by them.


Lulu loves people and wants to hang out with you.  She doesn’t really like the other cats, though, and tends to be rude to them when she meets them.  She’d love to be your one and only furry friend.


Belle is a super shy and quiet young lady who also brought up babies this year.  She is very intimidated by the whole store/cat room environment, but if you stand by her cage and gently pet her, she purrs and purrs.  She’d like a quiet home.




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