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Duststripe is a happy boy

July 13, 2017

If I had an opening for this guy, I would so be taking him home.  Look how much better he feels this week.

No-kitten Wednesday

July 12, 2017

We had no kittens at all last weekend.  The little grey boy kitten was adopted during the week and he was our last one at least for the time being.

Tabitha seemed to be downhearted about the lack of kittens.  She jumped down from her cage and didn’t even act grumpy to the other adults, she just went to the side of the room and curled up on the scratchers.

She has a slightly grumpy face in general, maybe because of her lovely almond shaped eyes, but she’s not grumpy in the least, she’s very sweet.

She was doing her best to ignore Mittens, there.

He’s learned not to pester her.  He found other things to do.

“You need to clean out this thing.”


Toesday with Fireheart

July 11, 2017

This big fellow was quiet and kept to himself, but he was overjoyed whenever someone came by to hang out with him.  He didn’t say anything or wiggle around, he just purred quietly and expressed his opinion with his toes.

Aren’t those happy toes?

He’s not little and cute like some of the others, but he does indeed have a big heart.

“Who, me?”

“Aw, shucks.”



July 10, 2017

Sweet little Daisy has been adopted.  The woman said she thought Daisy chose her, which we always like to see.

We had trouble getting her into the carrier because Duststripe and Mittens wanted to go and kept jumping into it.

Her future name is unknown but they were considering Lisa as they left.

Heather and Fireheart

July 7, 2017

This little girl seemed timid at first, but she turned out to be a big-time player.

She checked out everything.

I love that picture because you can see Duststripe taking a peek from under the cages.

Fireheart was a great big dark orange boy who was very quiet and not inclined to mix it up with the neighbors, but he LOVED people.

Tabitha said, “What are all these big cats doing here?  Bring me more kittens!”

Mooney and Duststripe

July 6, 2017

These two sweeties were fostered by our Last Chance rep.  Miss Mooney was such a friendly lover that it’s no surprise she’s already been adopted.

Duststripe was having mixed feelings.  While he’s apparently come to love people during his time in foster, he still wasn’t used to the new place.  Apparently over the past few days he’s changed his mind and started showing his cuddly side.


July 3, 2017

Lots and lots of cats and kittens sent back for sneezles and wheezles last week, and also many kittens adopted.

This girl arrived while we were in the cat room.  She was no more than a year old and had clearly recently been a mother.  She looked scared and tense but she wasn’t at all, she loved people and loved to be petted.

Despite being new, she did hop down and have a look around.