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September 7, 2017

Sadly, we have three adult cats with us in the cat room who were surrendered together.  You never know what could have caused this – death, or illness, or a long distance move – but it’s better for the cats to come into a rescue’s care than to be left behind on the street.

These guys are such an interesting group.  Erica, the beautiful and floofy, wanted nothing to do with anything in the room including us.

Darrin was quite a chill fellow, even showing off the white patch on his tummy.

Then there was Storm.  She lived up to her name by charging the room demanding attention and talking up a – well, storm.  She was the ambassador for her group and she was ready to negotiate!

She was not going to take no for an answer, and she chatted away to you the entire time you petted her, whether she was on the countertop or on a lap.  What a funny girl.

The three are together in one cage but are not marked bonded, and we didn’t observe any snuggling behavior that led us to believe they couldn’t be separated, but clearly they know each other well.  We’re sorry that they lost the home they had, but they are generally healthy and happy cats so we’re hoping for the best for them.


Kitten Wednesday

September 6, 2017

We still have kittens but they’re starting to be a little older, not many teacup babies at this time of year.

Some of these cuties were already slated to go back to see the vet but they were still photogenic and lively.





September 5, 2017

Adopted last week: some kittens, and Mr. Fancypants.

Some toes for Toesday.


Foster Friday

September 1, 2017

Miss Sparrow is making herself right at home in her little space.  It helps her that I work at home two days a week and am sitting at the computer all day on those days.

She’s been out to have a few walks around the house – she hisses at the others more than they hiss at her, especially if they’re standing between her and wherever she wants to go next.  Her pooping beside the box seems to have stopped, maybe with a stabilized diet and the use of Cat Attract litter instead of stuff with awful strong scents.  She is very mellow and quiet and all she wants is to sit as close as possible to a human and purr or snooze.

When it was hotter and she was new to the house she stayed on the floor.

Now, though, she prefers the chair unless I’m in it, or the desk.

We also think she is significantly deaf.  She does not always notice when you open the door and enter the room, or point her ears at you when you make a noise behind her.  She’s quite a sweet girl.  If anyone wants to fall in love with her, she is available for adoption through the Feline Rescue Assocation at (she’s not on their website yet but they will know who you mean if you ask about her).

Kitten Wednesday

August 30, 2017

We were all about the kittens on Saturday, five months was the oldest they got.  Besides our fancy floofy fellow, there were all of these.

And these two, who never sat still long enough to be photographed.  They were continuous kitten blurs.



Fancy pants

August 28, 2017

Adopted last week: all those boys!  And also Eightball who was swept up in the ringworm response, but then quickly adopted afterward because someone saw him online and sought him out.

There were NO adults in the room on Saturday.  This fellow was just about the oldest we had, and he was only about six months.

The camera did not know what to do with all that floof.

He should not be with us long as he is the sweetest boy and so silky soft.

Here he is after someone had been playing with him through the window.

“Where’d you go??  Come back!”

Let’s hear it for the boys

August 25, 2017

We had a single fully adult guy on Saturday, his name was Bruno.

He was a large fellow and he loved to run and to play rough.

So he was quite pleased when this five month old guy named Davey turned out to be willing to keep coming back to him for more, despite the size difference.

A lot of this went on.

I love that “Oh no” look on his face.

Davey had a brother Danny who was a little smaller and didn’t take to the roughhousing so much.  But at some point he just had to come see what all the fuss was about.

They had a pretty good time running wild, all three of them, and while Davey would break free and run from Bruno, he’d come right back in two minutes and jump him.