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March 20, 2017

This funny little lady is Stella.  She has no tail.  She looks stubby and stout, but when you pick her up she is light.

Stella loves humans, but wants nothing to do with other cats, and will seek them out to share her opinion.

Stella reminds me of Melly, especially those floofy cheeks!

Adopted last week: Figaro.  Gone back to the vet: Cobalt.  😦

Many boys

March 17, 2017

Besides Tessa and wild little Kylie, we had a houseful of boys.

This is Saint, he was a little shy but flirty, and it won him a home fairly quickly.

He and Kylie enjoyed playing with the laser pointer.

This is Charlie.  He began talking to us as soon as we came into the room.

I have more pictures of him but they seem to have gone missing.

This is Figaro.  He was very quiet until we tried him out with the laser pointer and then he turned out to be quite the lively young man.

With all the wildness going on, the older guys needed to have a little conference about kids these days.  Cobalt walked down to visit Pebbles.

He kind of liked Pebbles’ bed.

Pebbles was a little puzzled but didn’t mind at all, he’s so calm.

We understand that Cobalt has come down with a sinus thing and is going back to see the vet.  Looks like Pebbles will miss the company.


March 16, 2017

Sorry for the radio silence, busy week.  I’m behind on my cats!

This beautiful girl was Tessa and I meant to post her on Toesday.  She was shy and stayed in her cubby most of the time, but she loved attention and was affectionate and friendly.

I finally got her to come out for petting.

I love tortie toes, they are so varied.


“No toes.”


March 10, 2017





March 9, 2017

Aspen was a sweet little grey and white girl who was friendly and loved to be petted.  Once she figured out who all the neighbors were, she got down and ran around.  She had previously had chronic untreated upper respiratory infections that led to scarring in her tear ducts, so sometimes she needs her face washed.

On Sunday someone was looking at her when we came by the store, so I hope she is in her new home by now.



March 7, 2017

What wide eyes you have my dear.

Yes the picture is a little blurry (young black cat, and one of our lights was out), but it’s not lying about the eyes.  I’ve never seen such wide eyes on a cat.

Nokky was still getting used to the cat room, but she came down and walked around to check things out.

Adopted last week: Ben and Cleo and Quinn.


March 2, 2017

Ben was a big gentle grey tabby guy who really deserves a larger cage except that we have two big cats in the big cages already.  He didn’t want to come out and look around but he was very happy to have visitors.



We don’t know the story of his life, except that by his ear tip we can tell he was picked up in a trap-neuter-release operation.  It’s good that someone recognized how sweet he was, so he had a chance to come inside.