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Without names

October 31, 2013

These two girls didn’t have names, and we didn’t really get to know them well enough to give them names.

This pretty tortie girl was missing a leg – a hind one, which seems to me would make things much more difficult than being missing a front one.  She moved back and forth from one side of her cage to the other when nobody was looking, and Precious visited her for a little while.  While not unfriendly, she seemed a little depressed.  I hope we get a chance to spend more time with her.






And this very pretty little lady, about six months old, was so terribly shy that we pretty much could not touch her.  If she got out of her cage, she immediately hid underneath the cage block and it was extremely hard to get her out.  I hope we will be able to help her relax as she is very cute.


She showed lots of interest in the wand that Ice was playing with, and as long as we stayed at the other end of the wand she was happy to play with us.



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