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Super floof

September 5, 2018

This bonded pair brother and sister got the Most Floof In A Cage award on Saturday.

Aren’t they lovely?  They are quiet and friendly too.  If I had room for two cats at my house, I’d take home a pair like this.  They came out for awhile to look around, but Monica had a little fit when TWO lively young boy cats bounced up to her repeatedly, and the noise scared them so they retreated to their space to regroup.

I know the boy’s name is Leo; the girl’s name is Shay.

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  1. September 5, 2018 4:31 pm

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of these two beautiful kitties. All the photos are really great. Leo and Shay, we hope your having a great summer and have a wonderful rest of your week.

  2. meowmeowmans permalink
    September 5, 2018 10:12 pm

    Oh wow, that IS a lot of awesome floofiness! They are gorgeous, and since they are so friendly and quiet, we are hopeful they’ll find their happily ever afters soon. 🙂

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