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Tabby town

April 12, 2017

Many many tabbies on Saturday!  You saw some of their toes yesterday.

This is Cotton.  He was a lively young man about seven months old, and he’s already been adopted.  He is a little small and thin and needs to eat more, but he’s got big feet!

This is Nutmeg.  She seems to love people and hate other cats.

“Very good, lady, you’re not too dumb.”

Observing the plague that is another cat.

This is Pearl.  She was very sweet, and uninterested in observing anything going on outside her space.

And this is Nala.  She was pretty scared and huddled in her cubby.

However, briefly this happened:

before she decided that oops she was still scared.  She is a pretty shade of light brown.  Her tail is also damaged – she is missing half of it, and what’s left is bent to the left.

“Don’t you be looking at my tail.”

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  1. meowmeowmans permalink
    April 12, 2017 8:09 am

    They’re all adorable. Hooray for Cotton and his new family!

    Don’t worry, Nala, we think your unique tail gives you character (and that’s a good thing). Sending good adoption vibes your way!

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