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Lily Rose

July 19, 2016

Lily Rose is a young adult cat (a year or so) who has been through a lot in a short time.


She has lost one eye, and lost most of the vision in the other due to cornea damage from an untreated respiratory infection.  It has not injured her disposition, however, she is the sweetest and most placid girl you’d want to meet.



You have to alert her of your approach if she’s looking away or you are on her blind side, or else you will startle her.  When other cats startle her she hisses at them, but if they are where she can see their motion, she just looks and walks by.

She had no trouble walking up and down the room looking into kitten cages and poking into things.


I think Bruno was in that cabinet at the time, but I heard no fussing.

She discovered that not only did we have a cardboard box, there was a toy mouse in it.  She appeared to love that.



Starla was on the other side of the box when the fun began, and she was clearly befuddled by the sudden sounds.



Lily Rose didn’t mind.

LilyRose10She would do well in a quiet home where there weren’t going to be a lot of surprises from active children or lively dogs.

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