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The S words

April 22, 2016

Everyone else with us in the cat room last weekend had a name beginning with S.

This girl’s name was Suzanne, she was very sweet, and I sang a song to her.




This fellow was called Star – he was pretty shy and wanted to be left in peace, but he seemed gentle.



This guy was named something on his cage tag, but the information in his file indicated that he’d been named Snuggles.  I thought he was a one-eyed boy but he must have just been winking because later on he had two perfectly round eyes.


And this is Shylo, a pretty calitabby girl who was confusing.  The weekend before, she had purred and rolled and made biscuits and then suddenly applied ten claws to the petter – multiple times.  This weekend she kept to herself, and no one had had further blood drawn during the week, so maybe she was just having a bad day.


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