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Black and white girl

February 22, 2016

We got five new cats in on Saturday, just as we were arriving, so our time in the cat room was spent in a whirl of cleaning and refurbing cages and installing new residents.

Of course the reason for some of this activity was that we had a lot of adoptions.  Bibie was adopted last weekend – by the time I posted her picture on Friday, she was already in her new home enjoying her own personal lap.  Also, Jasper/Moogie and little Bitty were adopted.  AND Spaz (remember him?) was adopted!  We thought he was going to a farm, but then surprisingly he came back to us last weekend.  We weren’t optimistic about his chances, even though he did seem to be much calmer than he used to be; but he was adopted on Friday, by two guys who wanted a very playful cat.

Sadly it was a bad day for A girls – Abigail and Annabelle both had runny noses and had to go see the vet.

This little girl, perhaps six months old, was the sweetest of the new arrivals.  She relaxed very quickly in her bed, and was delighted when she got some attention.



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  1. Terri permalink
    February 22, 2016 11:24 am

    I bet this little cutie will get a home soon, too 🙂

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