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June 11, 2015

We had two little single kittens last Saturday.  One had had a sibling adopted.  The other had been returned to us, still wearing his cute little blue collar with bell, because his new owner had been told by her doctor that she was not well enough to have a pet.  How sad.  But he was a happy and loving little guy and I’m sure he has already been adopted again.

We put these two guys together and they had the best time playing.  There was a lot of this.

Kittens0606.1 Kittens0606.2


Then they came out to look around a little.




The little black and white one looked just like a foster I had a year or two ago, and had something of the same bold attitude.





Who’s back there?


We got the good news this week that Karen had been adopted.  She was with us a long time and loved the people and was even improving with seeing other cats around her, but they moved her to another store to give her some new scenery, and she was quickly adopted there.  Good news for a nice cat!


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