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May 11, 2015

So now that he’s been with us a few weeks, I have gotten a grip on the orange boy’s name.  I have no idea where that name comes from, is it a thing?  Thanks to someone on Facebook, I found out that his name is probably really Hamtaro.  Google it – I bet when he was a baby he did look just like a golden hamster!  But at any rate – it turns out this fellow is quite the sweetie.  He comes out of his litter box happily for petting and brushing, and will lick your hand like a puppy while you are petting him.



Checking out the neighbors and the activity down below.



Once, he jumped out of his cage, but quickly decided that had been a mistake and climbed the bars of Karen’s cage to get back to his home.  Since Karen dislikes other cats, that got her a bit stirred up.


He was pretty chill, however, and didn’t go back in his box while we were there.


In adoption news, Mr. Purrkins was adopted last week!  And we were able to confirm that pretty Emma was adopted.  Thumbelina went back to see the vet.

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