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More tabbies

March 19, 2015

I still have more tabbies to show you.  I want to get them all in today because I have some fun pictures for tomorrow.

This is Jessie.  She was silky and quiet and friendly and also seemed inclined to play with Harley, which was surprising and adorable.


She had three stripes down her back but the rest of her tabbyness was not so pronounced.


Two seconds before this picture was taken, Harley was in the cage above and they were doing whappy paws.  Sorry it’s blurry but it’s the only picture I got that shows the playful side of Miss Jessie.


This is Mila.  She had a little cali-tabby coloring and liked people, but really really disliked other cats.  Given this was a friendly, interactive group, we encouraged her to stay in her cage and visited her there.  She had a little of the same eye problem that Archie exhibited.  We’ve seen this kind of thing a lot in PetSmart cats, there must be an eye bug going around out there in the world.



And this is our non-brown cat, Tobey.  He was a little shy and didn’t want to come out and mix with the crowd, but he enjoyed having human visits and playtime with his ball track.


“I too am a tabby!  I’m just orange!”


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