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Sam’s thinking evolves

September 11, 2014

Our crotchety Sam is sort of coming along.  She still gets this look on her face once in awhile, as if she’s processing the fact that (a) she dislikes cats, those awful creatures, and (b) ALAS!  she is a CAT herself!


She did really seem to like Ajax, if by ‘like’ you understand that I mean she did not bite or scratch him.  He kept jumping back onto her and she basically wrestled with him snarling all the while.  Both of them seemed to be happy.

She also sat around on the floor for quite awhile in close proximity to Sienna without a single harsh word.  Both of them were watching the various wand toys being deployed for Ajax’s amusement.  Sienna is a fairly quiet cat who had no inclination to get in Sam’s face, and they happily ignored each other.  Unfortunately for Sam’s progress, Sienna went back to see the vet because the raw spots on her back were not getting better and she needed some treatment.  This is the second cat this month that has been with us that’s had a strong skin reaction to the flea treatment.



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