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August 18, 2014

Caley and Timberlake had gone when we came into the cat room – back to see the vet.  Grouchy Sam was still there, and a couple of the shyer kittens.

This handsome fellow was new this week – at least, I think he was – if he was the same orange guy we had last week, he’d really improved his attitude to other cats!  He was completely mellow.  Even Sam giving him attitude whenever she walked by did not get a rise out of him.


He was not put off by Nina hanging out nearby, and she was calm with him.


Good things might be happening for him, however.  While we were there a family came by the cat room and said they’d adopted Homer in June and thought maybe he wanted a friend.  It turned out, when they got him home and to the vet, that he had been previously declawed, so they were concerned to do the right thing and avoid bringing home a cat with claws in case they didn’t like each other.  I suggested that Minet was a very mellow guy who was good with other cats, but also advised them to come back the next morning to talk to the head volunteer, as I wasn’t sure what to suggest.  It was nice to hear that Homer was doing very well and see a video of him finding a way to help himself to the contents of a bag of treats.

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  1. August 18, 2014 4:43 pm

    cats with claws and cats with out can co-exist. So many people think if you declaw one you have to declaw the others, which is not true. If they don’t get along, it is better they have claws as they will lash out with those first and you have a chance to remove them from the situation before any major problems.. but with out claws, they tend to go right with the teeth – which is a far more ‘lethal’ weapon.. cat bites create abscesses and are a real pain..

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