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Foster Friday

July 25, 2014

I haven’t posted about my adorable fosters, the Kittens of Mass Destruction, in a few weeks.  Here’s an update.

Adopted:  Helga.  She went first, as soon as she was done her spay.


Adopted:  Floki.  He went second, at an adoption event at Petco.  He was the most outgoing, so we were not surprised.  He was going to be an only cat with two kids who seemed happy to have him, and he’s probably the one of the bunch best suited to only-cathood.


Adopted: Ragnar.  Last weekend.  This little fellow is going to be playmate to a one-year-old cat.  His spunk and energy will serve him well, and apparently he seemed to fall in love with his new people as they fell in love with him.


That leaves Lagertha and Athelstan with their mom in my foster space.  Athelstan has turned into the biggest lover, and will seek out attention even before he puts his face into the bowl at mealtime.  Lagertha is more aloof, but she is learning to get petted and even walked onto my lap on her own yesterday.  The two of them still run madly about the room, so there’s no lack of thundering paws overhead when I’m in the kitchen.

Aren’t those pictures beautiful?  The kittens sat for their portraits one Saturday when they were at Petco and someone in our organization who’s a photographer got them to pose so well.

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  1. July 26, 2014 9:06 pm

    They’re all gorgeous! Congratulations to Helga, Floki and Rangar and their new families!

    And paws crossed that Lagertha, Athelstan and Mom find their own happily ever afters very soon.

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