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Not interested

June 26, 2014

These three girls all had their own ways of not being interested in various aspects of their accommodations.


This cute and winning looking tortie girl spoke right up when I arrived, came to the front of her cage to see me, then had a fit when she saw OTHER CATS, growled and hissed and wanted nothing to do with me.  Too bad, as she’s quite pretty.


This orange tabby girl (! we’ve had lots of orange/buff girls this year) may not have felt too good, and didn’t show much interest in attention or the neighborhood.  She did help herself to the beverage.


Then we had miss Nola.  What a beauty – floofy buff-colored fur, long puffy tail.


Everyone wanted to see her, and she snubbed them all.


“I am suspicious of your intentions.”

She did come out and take a walk and look around, but our lively little black youngster completely freaked her out and she hissed and growled and had to be herded back to her cage.



I hope she gets used to us.  Maybe one of those calming collars is in her future if she stays with us awhile.


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