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Viking raid

June 14, 2014

Skol – it’s an invasion.  The fosters have landed.  They are still really hard to photograph, being timid of a new place as well as busy little devils.  But here’s a start.

Mom, Siggy, is extremely shy and will take a week or two to decide we can pet her.  But she’s a lovely lady.


Little buff Floki decided everything was fine and found the softest spot in the room.


Orange and white Athelstan seems to be the naughty boy of the litter, he’s already discovered an electrical cord that I’m going to have to remove.


Dark calico Lagertha, besides being the beauty of the family (in my humbly biased opinion…), seems to be very brave.  She tolerates the most attention of them all.


“What, lady?  I can see you is gonna be a pest!”



There are two more – Ragnar, a black one who was added onto the litter in the shelter and is the biggest of them, and Helga, a lighter calico who is the smallest and is already spoken for once her spay/test is done.  They are all at or just above two pounds and about eight weeks old.  While it seems like a gigantic population (more cats in that little room than in the rest of the house), I think the five babies will not last long, being so beautiful.

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