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Holding pattern

May 27, 2014

The fosters we thought would be incoming last week didn’t come in yet.  Maybe this week.  Their mom was having issues, and the decision was made to test her for FeLV before sending the family to us.

Meantime, we went back to PetSmart.  Sasha was the only adoption from the group we had two weeks ago.  Fendi  went back because she got a runny eye, and Juneau got a cough.  Too bad, they were both sweet cats.

Homer was still wandering around the room.  He’d acquired a pal.  SoCo decided that he was a good neighbor to visit, and set herself up in his cage with his toys.


She really liked the ball track, but while I was there she just watched the ball very closely.  Later when I got up to do something else I heard her playing with it herself.  She was willing to be petted, but seemed to shrink slightly back even while she accepted it.




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