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Shy ones

May 15, 2014

We had three cats with us that I’d classify as shy – they didn’t dislike attention but they tended to retire to their cubby corner when approached too quickly.

Chanel has been there for a couple of weeks but she was very difficult to photograph – if I came and pointed the camera at her, she retired quickly.  This time, I sneakily took her picture while petting Dottie next door.  She really does have a pretty tail that floofy.  She will definitely hover to the front of her cage and call out to you, but you have to go really slowly when you respond.


SoCo was that rare thing, a female orange tabby.  She liked to be petted, but she managed to somehow make it look as though she didn’t.  And her fur is so very plush.



Juneau, who has been so shy the whole time she’s there, still really likes Emmy but still has no interest in being removed from her cage.  However, she is now doing that thing shy cats do when they begin to improve: keeping an eye on everyone.


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