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April 28, 2014

Adopted last week:  Lola and Avery!

Adopted this weekend:  Vesper.


This guy with the funny crimp in his right ear came in to the cat room in the middle of the month and was so terribly shy that he hid in his cubby for days.  After about a week he started coming forward to the front of his cage for attention, and relaxing a little bit, although he still seemed timid.

Saturday, just as we were arriving in the cat room, a couple came in who’d been watching him and thinking he resembled a cat they’d lost to lymphoma last year.  They seemed to like his temperament, and we were able to read the notes in the notebook and see that he was good with other cats and didn’t freak out when Avery stopped up for a visit.  So he’s gone home to live with another calm orange boy.  I hope he does well!  Doesn’t he look like he’s saying, “Oh for heaven’s sake, isn’t it time to go yet??”


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