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Sammy visits Gary

December 23, 2013

Pretty Gracie was gone when we visited PetSmart on Saturday, and there was nothing in the book to indicate where she went.  Someone is getting sloppy with the book – if you went back over the previous couple of log pages, and looked at all the blank lines, you’d conclude we had 22 cats on hand.

Sammy decided to drop in on Gary, who had moved into the big cage on the bottom level.




Gary was not particularly concerned.




The people who want Gary didn’t want to take him and then go away for 10 days.  I hope he’s still there for them when they return – when I stopped by the store Sunday, he appeared to be coming down with the sniffles.  Hang in there Gary!

Sammy appeared to be in the process of charming a family of three, yesterday afternoon, so I hope he’s already gone home.  He’s a terrific little fellow.  Look how he put up with funny headgear.



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  1. December 23, 2013 10:06 am

    i like that cat bed..

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