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Feel-good Friday…

December 6, 2013

We are hardly ever this lucky at PetSmart.  We have an update from Theo’s new family!

Rachel says:  “You can post any of this on your blog if you want.  I’ve been reading it for months, just watching for the right cat at the right time.  It turned out that Theo, now Detour, actually did have a bit of a cold.  It turned into an upper respiratory infection, but antibiotics took care of it.  Because of the cold, we’re waiting a little longer before formally introducing him to his cat big brother, Speedbump, who is starting to get used to the idea of him being around.  In the meantime, he’s a different cat than when we adopted him.  It took him a few days to get his running and jumping legs back, but he runs and jumps all around the room chasing balls and feathers and small toys.  He hates closed doors and loves exploring.  He is extremely friendly and even loves his noisy human toddler brother.  He is the perfect cat for us.”

Thanks so much, Rachel!  We knew Theo was a special boy from the minute he tried to climb into my arms, so we’re very happy to know that he’s doing well and starting to act his young age.


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