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Skittle in his new home

October 29, 2013

Apparently, our little parking lot kitten has everyone in his new home wrapped around his tiny paw.  Here’s the story of Skittle’s first weekend.

He is fitting in quite nicely with the family. We brought him home and he immediately met our two dogs and Mason, our black cat. They all were very curious and excited to know what was in the carrier!  He came out pretty confident for being such a little peanut size to meet these big dogs. Mason ran right up to him and sniffed him and they kissed noses.. but then Mason freaked himself out, and got a little standoffish and hissed/growled a little, but still very curious. So, we kept Skittle separate Saturday night, but up until actual bed time, had little doses of interactions with all of them. Our Australian Shepherd became momma bear to him and wanted to be in whatever room he was to keep an eye on him, so Skittle feels very safe with her and frequently tries to snuggle or just play with her paws. We set him up in the spare bedroom to sleep and feel safe, so he had the run of the room. Found him snugged up in the laundry basket Sunday morning.  Yesterday was a big bonding day with all of them! Mason and Skittle totally bonded and started playing with each other all over the living room. Playing chase, hide and seek, tag … they were having a blast! Truly adorable and relieving that Mason really likes him! He’s so excited to have another play buddy! I think I’ll find them snuggling soon enough! Skittle fell off the window sill and made a thud on the floor..(he landed on his feet!!, but still made a loud noise for a little guy).. but Mason came running to check on him! Skittle slept with everyone last night, so he was snugged up in the bed with the whole crew! Woke up bright eyed, happy, and ready to eat and play!

And here are some pictures.







Doesn’t he look happy?  I knew he’d do well with other animals, and he certainly has them!

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  1. Webbthistle permalink
    October 29, 2013 7:45 pm

    Wonderful!!!! Reports like this make fostering soooo satisfying. Enjoy your forever family, Skittle!

  2. Doodle Bean permalink
    October 30, 2013 4:51 pm

    This is the best post ever! I’m so happy Skittle had a happy restart to his little life!! Thanks for making all of that happen!

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