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June 13, 2013

There were a few kittens at PetSmart on Saturday – a little group of black and white ones, and one singleton grey and white.


The black and white ones seemed to be a mixed litter, as they were all different ages, but they appeared to be quite happy together.

This little guy was very vocal and insisted on being held as much as we had time for.


All of them seem humongous to us now, though, with the babies at home that are just five weeks old.

Our PetSmart is being remodeled, and when I went in yesterday, the cat room was empty – the cages were cleaned out and ready for new inmates, the walls were being painted, the cabinets were pushed around the room, and the adoption center had a pretty new sign over it.  All the cats were taken by Last Chance and sent to other stores while the remodeling goes on.  I’m not sure whether there will be new cats by Saturday or whether they won’t be done till sometime next week.  It’s kind of sad, to have all our friends disappear on us at once – sweet Emma, lively Chumley, busy Sadie, plush Gloria…  I hope they do well.

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