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Pearl and Sambo

May 29, 2013

This brother and sister pair was new to us this week.  It would be good for them to stay together, but I fear that’s not likely, just because their personalities are so different.

Sambo is very friendly and outgoing.  He was greeting and investigating us as soon as he could get to us.


He’s a tall lean stripey fellow with lots of energy.  However, he was not so interested in the other cats.  Both Sadie and Chumley repeatedly tried to get him to play and got whapped and hissed at for their trouble.

He had a good time playing by himself, though, and getting petted.




Pearl was the quiet retiring type.  She was not skittish and terrified, and if you tried to pet her she didn’t attempt to get out of it.  But she was more of a watcher, and went up on the shelf in the cabinet to observe and stay out of the cat race.




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