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The rest of the boys

April 12, 2013

We had two other handsome fellows with us at PetSmart last Saturday.  One was a new guy, a big lanky tabby boy.  Emmy named him Casey.


He had cool stripes on his back.


He was pretty friendly to the others.  He and Jamie met and said hello without fuss.


See the other guy in that photo, the white face poking out from under the cages?  That’s a huge bundle of floof with the rather un-boyish name of Snowball.


Has he got a sweet face, or what?


Sorry for the blurring…  he was a handsome guy too.

Casey liked the cabinet shelves, like many of our visitors do.




Snowball really liked other cats and constantly was trying to say hello to them.  He ended up joining Casey on the shelf, where he was really happy and Casey decided it was nothing to fuss about.



I hated to separate them when it was time to leave, and make Snowball go into his own cage by himself again.

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