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Another Mia

April 1, 2013

Good news – Ms Spice was adopted last week!  No more sad sister – she’s gone off to lounge on couches and be petted.  Handsome Speedy was also adopted.  Phoebe and Elsie and Storm and Hunter went back to see the vet – seems like we’ve had a bad run of colds and tummy trouble over the past month.

Mia must be a popular name these days, because it’s only been a few weeks since we had one pretty Mia, and now we have another one.


She was very interested in coming out and looking around, but she happened to hit the floor right next to another cat, and it made her unhappy, so I put her back.


Isn’t she pretty?  She’s almost striped.




She came out again, and crept under the cages and peered out at the store through the little gap that’s down there.  She did like to be petted, and I think when she’s accustomed to her surroundings she’ll be a very friendly girl.

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