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March 4, 2013

I’m going to chat about adoptions for a minute so that you can brace yourself for the dose of handsome that lies further down this page.  It’s a big slug of the pure drop, so prepare yourself.

Sherman and Sheree were both adopted last week (not together), so I hope their timid little selves are getting a chance to relax and run around in a warm safe new home.  Some cats that we never saw came and went during the week, some to adoption and some back to the vet.  So we had several new friends this week.

Are you ready now for the bracing shot of handsome?

Are you sure you’re ready?

Here he comes…


Need a better look?  How about a closeup?


This totally gorgeous and friendly fellow won’t last long with us.  He’s just too nice and too handsome.  He likes laps too.


He liked having his ears rubbed.  Here you can see he’s saying, “Hey, why’re you stopping??  Put that box down!”


He’s also not afraid to admit that like Brian, he is fond of pink.  He crept into the pink cave sat quite happily.



When I told him I needed another shot of THAT TAIL he graciously obliged.


What a beautiful boy.

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