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More of Martha

February 25, 2013

More good adoption news – we are doing so well in Catonsville placing the adult cats!  Mimi and Robbie got adopted together (interesting pairing, I hope they accommodate well to one another – they are both nice cats), Luke and Leia got adopted (not together I don’t think), and Celie got adopted too.  The grey and white kitten was adopted, and the two grey ones went back because they had runny noses.

That left one tabby from that whole tabby crew, timid miss Martha.  She still darted back and hid when you approached her cage, but later on when she thought she was unobserved she hopped down, looked around, then scooted into Large Marge’s cage to have a little look around.  That gave me the chance I needed, and I sat down in the cage and started working on her.

Turns out, she loves to be petted, she just doesn’t realize it until it’s happening.  She shied back from my hand, but the minute I touched her she became very affectionate.  It was hard to get good pictures of her because she was pushing on my hand the entire time.  She’s very pretty, she has some orange in her fur, and little brown feet with stripes, and an interesting necklace-like brown stripe on her neck.  I hope someone takes a minute to find this out about her, so that she can win a heart and a home.



See her necklace? It doesn’t go all the way around her neck, it’s just in front.







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  1. February 25, 2013 11:35 am

    She is a very pretty tabby! Hooray for the adoptions, that is wonderful!

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