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February 11, 2013

Our last grey wild tabby man, Fletcher, got himself adopted this week.  So Mimi and Isabella are our current long-timers, and we had a bunch of new friends this week.

Emmy named this handsome fellow Ravi after a character in some TV show.  It turned out to be a misnomer – apparently the TV character is quiet, but this boy was most emphatically not.


He was a big handsome brown tabby with beautiful markings and a fantastic tail.  And boy was he lively.


That picture was taken in preparation for an attempt to climb the cat room door.  Maybe you can see the tail.  It’s long and thick and just a good tail.





He played really roughly with the other cats so we ended up having to give him a timeout – then, I had to get in and clean up his food because the rough play had dumped the bowl.  I was afraid he’d bolt out and jump on someone again, but he was happy to sit and bat at the key hanging around my neck while I gathered up scattered kibble.  I think he is basically a nice boy that needs a lot of room to run around, and a great big playmate who’ll give as good as they get…

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