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Fright Brothers calm down

December 18, 2012

The two really adorable grey boys who came in last Saturday, in a freaked-out state, were still with us Saturday.  They were curled up together sleeping most of the time we were there, but in the last fifteen minutes or so I decided to see if they were feeling better this week.

They certainly were.  After a moment of whoareyouandwhatareyoudoinginmycage, they decided that petting was great and I was fine, and they filled the air with purrs.  I hate taking pictures of the cats with flashes, due to all the shiny metal around them, but after a few attempts I broke down and took a couple of flash pictures just because their cage was so dim.

They are adorable boys and very bonded.  I could wish they would be adopted together but that happens so rarely.








If I needed two little boy cats to add to my life, I’d have taken both of these.

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