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Stretch, a special needs kitten

December 17, 2012

Adoptions!  Phoebe was adopted.  The black kitten who’d come in with the calico cutie got adopted.  And Mary came back, even wilder than before and this time with no one to play with as Sara was adopted…  We’ll hope for a lively friend for her to show up soon.

This little fellow was new with us this week.  When we came into the room, before we even started opening cages, we saw this:


Thus, he was Stretch.  My guess is he’s between four and six months old.

Stretch is a special needs cat.  I have never seen a cerebellar hypoplasia cat, so I can’t say that he’s one.  But there was a note on his cage that he has permanent neurological damage that causes him to be unsteady on his feet.  We let him out and quickly saw that it was true.  He had a tremendous purr motor that started up the minute you picked him up, so his personality was shining through his tendency to be something of a what we used to call a “spazz” on his feet.  He leaned on my shoulder and began to play with my hair, and his control issues caused him to catch my ear instead most of the time.

We couldn’t have him out too much, because he was so high energy and would go flying into and off of things and other cats, but we tried to hold him as much as possible because he was so sweet.


I hope someone comes along who appreciates him for himself and feels they can keep such a fellow safe.  He certainly has purrs available to give to anyone that takes him home.

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