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“New” arrivals

October 11, 2012

Four cats came to stay while we were there Saturday, because there had been some adoptions.  Nervous orange guy Butterscotch got a home, I hope there are cats there to play with.  Riley was adopted.  Mason went back because we saw some bare spots on his toes and wondered if he had ringworm.

When the crates were opened and the cats deposited in clean cages, look who it was back to us:  Mason.

Evidently he was fine, and so they turned him right back around out the door and to us again.

He would have missed his rumble buddy, Riley, if not for this fellow.

Oops, don’t hide your face behind the toy!

Isn’t he cute?  For some reason his name is Taz – I think because although he looks very mellow in this picture, he’s a wildly playful little guy.  He and Mason instantly leaped upon one another and began to rumble.

The other two new arrivals were quieter.  This handsome little grey fellow was an instant hit with the store customers, and with Emmy.

And these two quiet and floofy little cow kitties were a hit with me.  They came forward and stood quietly for a long ear-scritch, and ate and looked around.

They were in a very shadowy cage so I didn’t get much in the way of photos, but there was a brother and sister and they were gentle and sweet.  I hope that I can spend more time with them this Saturday.

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  1. October 11, 2012 8:36 pm

    We hope you get to spend some more times with those cuties, too! 🙂

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