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October 1, 2012

We had a lot of orangeness going on this weekend at PetSmart.  There was one little lively orange guy left from the pair of brothers last week – the grey one was adopted, the orange one was still with us.  There was another singleton about his age, and they became playmates.  Our very shy orange guy was still there.  And there was this pretty shy orange girl.  She had no idea she was an unusual girl, in her orangeness.  She liked to be petted but you had to go in after her to get her started.

Look at the beautiful rings on her tail.

In adoption news, two of the kittens from the lovely litter were adopted (the calico and the orange) and the other two apparently needed to see the vet.  Sleek Jenny was adopted.  Our little calico tabby girl was adopted (yay).  Big Venus went back to see the vet.  The grey tabby from the three brothers was adopted (seems like it was a good week for grey tabbies) while his tuxie brothers went back to see the vet.  It happens.

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