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Lucy and Ricky

September 19, 2012

These two young adults have been with us about two weeks.  (I’m just paying out the pictures slowly because we will not be at PetSmart this coming Saturday…)

They are somewhat shy of people (especially Ricky) but comfortable with other cats and very handsome.

When I first saw Ricky, he was doing this, which made his shyness all the more surprising.

Handsome tummy, there, Ricky.

Lucy was the more playful.

Once I opened the cage, Ricky took himself off to hide.

Emmy decided to work with them for awhile, to put each one through a multi-stage socializing plan.  Lucy responded quite well to stage 1.

Ricky hid.

Ricky struggled a little with stage 2.

Lucy’s success with stage 2 meant that she made it to stage 3.

Ricky considers whether he should try the program again.

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