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August 28, 2012

Some adoptions happened last week but not as many as we’d have liked.  The little grey girl was adopted and her silly orange brother caught a cold and went back.  Little Gizmo was adopted and I hope will be running about in a new home.  The silky black and white girl whose brother went on ahead, got adopted.  Beautiful Isis got a cold and went back.  Unfortunately, Wendy got a cold and went back, so after getting accustomed to being in our space, she had to be moved.  I hope she can come back to us.

This girl was our new adult this week (we always seem to have at least one) – although she wasn’t very much of an adult, being as lively and playful as the smaller ones.  She was hard to photograph because her face was so dark.

We really have had a raft of lovely tortie cats this summer, Sheba is one more in that parade.

She was talkative and friendly but didn’t want to be interrupted too much in her careening about the room.

It was touching how the one little half-grown tortie, whose sister was adopted two weeks ago, responded when she saw Sheba.  I don’t know if she was glad to see someone bigger than the tiny ones, or if she felt like Sheba resembled her sister, or what, but she was SO interested.  Sheba wasn’t sure.

About one second after I took that picture, Sheba ran off.  Miss Tortie didn’t give up, however, she kept approaching Sheba playfully.  I hope that they will be friends soon.

Sheba is the longest-legged cat I’ve ever seen.  I will keep trying to get a picture that shows how tall she is.

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