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Brother from another mother

August 8, 2012

The cute little tabby and white boy from yesterday went home with a new brother on Sunday.  He’s now living with this guy:

This guy is sweet and silky and has lovely markings.  Look at his cute feet.  Little boots in back:

and tiny white toes in front:

(There is a white toe on that left paw, at first it looks like part of the scrap of paper he’s standing on but it’s there, pointing off to the right edge of the photo.)

He came in with another kitten, but it’s pretty clear they are not from the same litter – he’s half again as bit as she is, and their tags said they were a month apart in age.

She was little, and shy, and rather unsociable.  If she unwinds a little, she’ll be adopted quickly, because she’s adorable, but if she stays cranky she’ll probably come down with a cold before anyone falls in love with her.  I tried to cuddle her a lot, but she was not very appreciative of my efforts although she huddled quietly while I held her.

I hope she doesn’t miss her “brother” too much.

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