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Won’t you be my neighbor

June 13, 2012

With the collection of sweet adults we had at PetSmart last time, there was a lot of investigating of one another going on.

Being the kind soul that he is, Buddy looked in on this handsome orange boy who was not allowed to come out because he was having tummy trouble and was slated to go back to see the vet.

At first, I was petting Daphne and Toby at the same time around their little wall, because both were friendly and wanted attention.

Then they began to figure out they had company.

There was no growling as there has been with some of our previous inmates when they figured out they were not alone – some inquisitive sniffing and staring, a bit of paw waving.

This made me laugh – she says, “Hey!  Where’d you go??”  (He may have gotten distracted by the kitten show down below him, or by Buddy passing up and down the room like a chubby beat cop.)

Whoa!  A neighbor on the other side too!

Socks observes Toby’s paw waving.

(Because Socks had a bit of a runny eye, I didn’t encourage them to get out and get better acquainted.  I hope it cleared up, because Socks was a sweet guy who should have found a home fairly quickly.)

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  1. June 14, 2012 5:03 pm

    Oh my gosh. That is so cute!

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