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January 23, 2012

We stopped by PetSmart yesterday to get the news, since we didn’t go there on Saturday.

George seemed to have developed a little cold, I will not be surprised to hear that he goes back to the vet this week.  Three guys we met last weekend, whom I have not even posted for you, went back already to see the vet.  These sneezles and wheezles are really spreading like wildfire.

There were a couple of super-pretty new faces that may or may not be there when we return.  For example, there is a long-haired white guy with blue eyes, about 5 months old, with flame points, and a fantastic disposition.  Handsome!  I’m sure I won’t have the chance to show him to you.

This young lady was one of the new ones who came to us last weekend and she was still there.  I got to see what a sweet cuddler she was, yesterday.  She loved to be held.

She was hard to photograph!  But at least you can see the lovely tail in that picture.

Oops, that didn’t work either.  Well, we’ll try again on Saturday if she’s still there…

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