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Boys with homes

December 13, 2011

Clearly, we were not the only ones who thought that group of cats was an exceptional bunch.  When we got to PetSmart on Saturday after two weeks away, we were happy to see that nearly everyone who’d been there was adopted.  Both lovely little girl kittens, and all but two of the boys, found homes.  Simon the orange boy was still there, surprisingly, since he was such a love muffin – Pumpkin and Archie both got adopted.  All three brown tabbies got adopted.  Both orange and white boys got adopted.  Only Ben, the buff and white guy, came down with a cold and had to go back.

We didn’t get back more brown tabbies, but the stream of orange cats continued, with Ben being replaced by a cat that looked just like him, and another big serious orange guy just like Pumpkin.

This serious fellow is Sean.

He is probably nearly a year old, and seems to be a full-sized cat.  He took no part in the play although he was not freaked out by it, and sat in various places observing.

You could tell, however, that he’d have preferred a warm lap in a quieter place.

Hi, Handsome!

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  1. December 13, 2011 1:41 pm

    That is great that so many kitties were adopted! We’re purring and praying that Simon, Ben, and Sean all find forever homes in time for the holidays. And we have our paws crossed that Ben feels better soon.

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