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Sandy and Polly

September 28, 2011

These two arrived at PetSmart in mid-July at the age of four months.  We never named them because we thought they’d quickly disappear like most kittens.  Since they seem to be growing up with us, I decided they deserved names.

It was a no-brainer to call this guy Sandy.  He is very lively, runs around the room like a crazy cat, and wants someone to play with.  He is also friendly and willing to be picked up and petted, when he isn’t too busy.

His sister started out shy, and has remained terribly shy.  She likes other cats, and will get out and about with them whenever she can, but after all this time she still shrinks back and tries to avoid being touched.  If you corner her and sit down and scritch her ears, she seems to like it, but if you retreat for a minute she makes a getaway.  It’s too bad as she is really pretty.  We’ll call her Polly now.

I hope they will get adopted together, but Polly has not learned how to work a crowd…

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  1. Andrea permalink
    September 28, 2011 8:07 pm

    They’re both beautiful. I can’t imagine why they haven’t been adopted, but the right forever home is out there somewhere. I hope someone gives her a chance. My dilute tortie was the same way at the shelter, maybe even worse (cowering, growling when she got scared) but once we got her home and settled, she came around to us quite quickly. We just had a hunch that she needed us. She’s still slightly scared of one of my bigger cats but is slowly coming around. The bottom line is that the right home could do wonders for Polly.

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