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Almost an empty nest

September 20, 2011

Mom cat only has one little grey kitten left, and she’s looking forward to having an empty nest.  When we opened her cage, she came right out (sayonara, little kitten!) and hung around the room looking for attention.  She doesn’t like the other cats very much, but isn’t so dead set against them that she goes looking for trouble or needs to be given a timeout.

I decided that since she was probably going to be with us for awhile, she needed a name.  Someone had written “Colette” on her cage tag, but we had had a Colette within the past year who was still fresh in my mind.  Emmy is reading a book with a character in it named BeeBee, and when she said that I suddenly thought that she should be named after my late Aunt Bea.  She has a couple of things in common with her, after all.  She’s skinny, she has a similar brow, and she’s a little crotchety.  So unless someone comes along and disagrees, she’s Bea.

At least she doesn’t smoke like my Aunt did…

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