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The rest of the week’s kittens

July 29, 2010

Time to throw up the rest of the kitten photos.  These kittens are such a blur to us.  They come, they stay such a short time, they go, and I feel like we don’t do them any good because we are hard pressed to even have time to pet them all.  As hyper as the fosters have made my household, at least I know we have socialized them into little cats that will be happy to have their own people to stick close to.

Nonetheless, here they are.

This feisty little black and white boy and his little black sister were very cute and he got a lot of admiration from passing visitors.

He seemed to have a case of earmites, so I hope someone adopted him before he had to be sent back for treatment.  Earmites are easy to treat, it shouldn’t keep someone from adopting him.

There was this little batch of miscellaneous tabbies.

I think this little black one was in with the tabbies.

Then there was this little fellow Sammy.  He was old enough to run around – maybe four months – and he kept himself so busy that we had to snare him for his photo op.  He loved to hide under the big poofy plastic bag overflowing the trash can, which Mom cat found very interesting.


Whew.  I think I got them all in there.  With luck, I’ll have time to edit some photos tonight and we can have Foster Friday again tomorrow.

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  1. July 29, 2010 8:26 pm

    The black and white kitten and his sister are all eyes!

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