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A brown tabby girl

April 26, 2010

Just as we arrived at PetSmart on Saturday, the Last Chance person arrived too, and so things were quite busy for awhile.  We had just let out about half of the cats when she got there, so we didn’t let out any more for awhile.

One cat we hadn’t even ever met (but who seemed very sweet) had been adopted, and we were waiting for her family to finish shopping.  Two were going back to the vet – Jack (sob) and Buffy.  That made three cages for the three new arrivals, but the new arrivals couldn’t come into them until they were cleaned out and outfitted with new stuff.  By the time we got that all done, got the adopted girl sent out, and were ready to load them up, it was nearly time for us to leave.  So I didn’t get to know them all that well.  Hopefully next week.

This girl was very unhappy when she was sitting in her carrier on the floor and the other cats were coming up and trying to say hello.  She growled and hissed at them through her grating.  However, when I put her into her new condo, she was very sweet and loving.  She’s missing all but about 2 inches of her tail, which seems more like the result of an accident than a manx heritage, poor baby.  She will probably be much calmer next weekend.

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  1. April 26, 2010 8:25 pm

    Hi there, little brown tabby. You sound a little like our girl here, who could pass for your twin by looks. Hope you’re settling in, sweetie …

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