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Foster Friday

July 25, 2014

I haven’t posted about my adorable fosters, the Kittens of Mass Destruction, in a few weeks.  Here’s an update.

Adopted:  Helga.  She went first, as soon as she was done her spay.


Adopted:  Floki.  He went second, at an adoption event at Petco.  He was the most outgoing, so we were not surprised.  He was going to be an only cat with two kids who seemed happy to have him, and he’s probably the one of the bunch best suited to only-cathood.


Adopted: Ragnar.  Last weekend.  This little fellow is going to be playmate to a one-year-old cat.  His spunk and energy will serve him well, and apparently he seemed to fall in love with his new people as they fell in love with him.


That leaves Lagertha and Athelstan with their mom in my foster space.  Athelstan has turned into the biggest lover, and will seek out attention even before he puts his face into the bowl at mealtime.  Lagertha is more aloof, but she is learning to get petted and even walked onto my lap on her own yesterday.  The two of them still run madly about the room, so there’s no lack of thundering paws overhead when I’m in the kitchen.

Aren’t those pictures beautiful?  The kittens sat for their portraits one Saturday when they were at Petco and someone in our organization who’s a photographer got them to pose so well.

Two girls in fur

July 24, 2014

Ok it’s not Friday yet but I’m always thinking of things that would fit with Brian‘s TGIF theme.

These two adorable, playful, and friendly little ladies are already gone on their way, I hope to new homes (they were not there when I stopped by the store yesterday, and neither were our other two kittens).








One loud little lady

July 23, 2014

This little tabby girl just WANTEDOUTNOWHURRYPLEASE!  She had a very loud voice and got Schnapps going next door to her, so we had two very loud kittens who WANTEDOUTNOWHURRYPLEASE.  She was a soft furry little thing and I hope she has already gone to a good home.




July 22, 2014

When we arrived at PetSmart on Saturday, this little fellow was obviously in a state of tension waiting for someone to pay attention to him.



July 21, 2014

This big handsome guy was uncertain about the neighborhood, so he spent most of his time underneath the cages while we wrangled kittens and Nina and Catmandu wandered about.  Which was too bad, because when he finally came out he was willing to be petted, but we were getting ready to leave.

He’s got to be part Maine Coon or something else large, he is a BIG boy.




Why are we still here??

July 18, 2014

These two big kittens (maybe four months old) weren’t allowed out because they had been sneezing and were scheduled to go back to the vet.  This was too bad, as they seemed to be lively and outgoing, trying to reach out to Catmandu as he patrolled the room.

Isn’t it Friday yet? they seemed to be saying.


Meanwhile, look who was willing to step out of her cubby and be photographed.  The beautiful Syamore is still waiting for that perfect quiet home where she can relax and get lots of attention.


Tabby tummy

July 16, 2014

There was a pair of tabby kittens with us on Saturday – the brother was the swirly kind of tabby and the sister was the stripey kind of tabby.  Both had epic tummies.  Sadly, the sister was too busy to let us nab a photo of hers, but the brother was totally happy with showing off his round stripey little belly.


His sister says, “Aren’t you getting a little pudgy, there, bro?”

He says, “Who you talking to??”