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August 20, 2014

Aren’t these two lovely?  Don’t know if they went together or not.



August 19, 2014

This little orange fellow was so soft, so happy, and so busy.  It was tough to catch a photo of him as he was in constant motion.






August 18, 2014

Caley and Timberlake had gone when we came into the cat room – back to see the vet.  Grouchy Sam was still there, and a couple of the shyer kittens.

This handsome fellow was new this week – at least, I think he was – if he was the same orange guy we had last week, he’d really improved his attitude to other cats!  He was completely mellow.  Even Sam giving him attitude whenever she walked by did not get a rise out of him.


He was not put off by Nina hanging out nearby, and she was calm with him.


Good things might be happening for him, however.  While we were there a family came by the cat room and said they’d adopted Homer in June and thought maybe he wanted a friend.  It turned out, when they got him home and to the vet, that he had been previously declawed, so they were concerned to do the right thing and avoid bringing home a cat with claws in case they didn’t like each other.  I suggested that Minet was a very mellow guy who was good with other cats, but also advised them to come back the next morning to talk to the head volunteer, as I wasn’t sure what to suggest.  It was nice to hear that Homer was doing very well and see a video of him finding a way to help himself to the contents of a bag of treats.


August 15, 2014

This girl was having digestive issues and was slated to go back to see the vet.  She was not acting unwell, luckily, and while she didn’t want to pop out of the cage (which we couldn’t allow anyway), she was happy to have visitors.




August 14, 2014

In our continuing series of cats who dislike their own kind, meet Timberlake.


“Yeah, I hates ‘em.”

Timberlake wanted so badly to be out with us.  He yelled every time we went by, and if we opened up the door he loved to be petted.  But he gave the stink eye to the neighbors.


He had a big bald patch between his shoulder blades, we weren’t sure if it was ringworm or a reaction to the flea treatment, or something else, so we were afraid to let him out to run around and see if he would be ok with the neighbors when actually face to face with them.  I couldn’t tell for sure if there was also a patch starting next to his right ear.  Poor guy, he really wanted to be out and about and we couldn’t let him.

Orange Guy

August 13, 2014

This ever-so-handsome boy loved people but like his nextdoor neighbor Sam he rather disliked other beings of his own feline persuasion.  Which is too bad.  But he was a sweet fellow anyway.





August 12, 2014

We were back in the cat room on Saturday for the first time in two weeks.  There was some good adoption news.  Nubbins got adopted by a nice older couple who seemed to appreciate her sweet personality.  Syamore got adopted – not to a very quiet home, so we hope she will come out of her shell a little when she has room and attention and company.  Jager got adopted, and we think Catmandu got adopted.

This girl looks like she’s ready to give you a kiss, doesn’t she, with her little fat lip?  She was with us for awhile, when we thought she would make a good matched pair with Nubbins, went back to see the vet, and then returned.  It turns out that she really dislikes other cats, so she would only give you a kiss if there were no other cats in the vicinity.  Once she got over her snit about seeing other cats, she did like attention.



Must keep an eye on those horrible creatures down there…