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She ain’t heavy, she’s my sister

October 31, 2014

We had this very interesting and appealing little pair with us on Saturday also – more in our collection of twelve week olds.  These two didn’t look like they could possibly have been born at the same time – the boy was much bigger, as if he was a month older or more.  But they were very attached to one another and he seemed like he was looking out for her.

I understand that these two and two others from this batch went back for sneezes and wheezes, so I’ll never know, but I was really hoping they could stay together, as you will see.

First the little miss was stretched out in the bed.  Doesn’t she have the cutest spotted belly?



Then she came to see what was up, and her brother got the bed.




They were just a little hand shy, so I didn’t want to pester them too much, especially when I had the little tortie climbing onto my shoulder.  They had a little wrestle, then took a nap.






October 30, 2014

This youngster (also about three months old) was friendly and purry and also knew how to charm our sometimes grouchy Ms Sam.  She really does have a thing for the younger men – when there is a kitten about this age in the room, she has a really good time – first she hisses and swats to establish that she’s the boss, then she starts pestering until she finally gets the play that she wants.




Pretty little tortie

October 28, 2014

This little girl was about twelve weeks old, slim and sleek, and very affectionate.  She wanted to climb up to my shoulder and poke her face into my hair.

I hope she gets a great home, I fell in love with her instantly.







She’s back

October 27, 2014

Sienna is back with us, after having gotten some vet treatment for the rough patches on her back that seemed to be causing her pain.

She still wanted to run right over and sit on a lap as soon as it appeared.  She also still seemed not to want to be touched too much on her back, or hugged.  Maybe she’s still expecting it will hurt.  With her arrival, our count of more or less grumpy ladycats is back up to four.


Adopted since the last time we were at PetSmart:  Both the pretty shy kittens (not together) and both the play-date boys (not together).

The shy ones

October 16, 2014

Saturday these two beautiful and shy kittens were still hanging out with us.   They were a little less shy, especially if I picked them both up at the same time.  They were having a good time playing with their toys and watching Sam play with hers.  When we first arrived they were waking up from having a little snooze.

“My brother looks silly when he’s about to yawn.”


“Don’t hold it against me.”


Yesterday when I was in the store, she was gone and the brother was by himself.  He shouldn’t last long, though – he’s handsome and a little less nervous than his pretty sister.  I hope she got a home where she’ll have lots of kind and gentle attention.

Play date

October 15, 2014

Each of these guys had come in with a sibling, and been left alone.  They were well matched as to age, size, and funloving friendly personality, so we bent the rules just a wee bit and let them play together.  They were SO happy.


“I see you over there.”



“I see YOU over there…”




Miss Missy steps out

October 14, 2014

Well, not quite yet, but she’s really improving!  She has been enjoying the top shelf of her cube, and stepping forward to be petted.




In great adoption news:  our blue-eyed Jewel was adopted!  She went to a home with a single woman in a quiet apartment, which sounds ideal for her.  Also, a couple of kittens were adopted, leaving behind their siblings, who had the change to become acquainted.  More about that tomorrow.