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The shy ones

October 16, 2014

Saturday these two beautiful and shy kittens were still hanging out with us.   They were a little less shy, especially if I picked them both up at the same time.  They were having a good time playing with their toys and watching Sam play with hers.  When we first arrived they were waking up from having a little snooze.

“My brother looks silly when he’s about to yawn.”


“Don’t hold it against me.”


Yesterday when I was in the store, she was gone and the brother was by himself.  He shouldn’t last long, though – he’s handsome and a little less nervous than his pretty sister.  I hope she got a home where she’ll have lots of kind and gentle attention.

Play date

October 15, 2014

Each of these guys had come in with a sibling, and been left alone.  They were well matched as to age, size, and funloving friendly personality, so we bent the rules just a wee bit and let them play together.  They were SO happy.


“I see you over there.”



“I see YOU over there…”




Miss Missy steps out

October 14, 2014

Well, not quite yet, but she’s really improving!  She has been enjoying the top shelf of her cube, and stepping forward to be petted.




In great adoption news:  our blue-eyed Jewel was adopted!  She went to a home with a single woman in a quiet apartment, which sounds ideal for her.  Also, a couple of kittens were adopted, leaving behind their siblings, who had the change to become acquainted.  More about that tomorrow.

More kittens

October 10, 2014

I guess we are looking at the last of the summer kittens here, in early October.  Two other pairs were delivered on Saturday, in addition to the ones I already showed you.  One was a pair of super-lively black kittens – impossible to photograph, here’s the best I could do for that.


The other set was an orange tabby that I think was a girl (we’ve had a lot of those this year) and a brown tabby that was a boy.  They hid too much to photograph.

Shy but pretty

October 9, 2014

This pair had such beautiful markings and so much energy.  They didn’t so much have the calm and brave thing down, though, and ran to hide in the corner if a human opened their door.  I wish that someone would come along who’d take them both, so they would not have to go into the world alone.






Three little kittens

October 8, 2014

Last Chance came while we were there Saturday.  They took Labelle, who was sneezy and a little lethargic, and brought us kittens.  When they came we had seven cats.  When they left, we had thirteen.

There was one group of three, one black, one grey, and a little tortie.  The tortie was a week younger, having been combined with the boys at some point, but they seemed happy together.  The black one was rambunctious, the grey one was serious, and the tortie was lovable.  They were all adorable, and they were all gone by Monday evening when I came back by the store.






Not long after this:


it became clear what she was looking at:





October 6, 2014

We must be the PetSmart that specializes in cranky lady cats.  We got another one last week.  This is Rebecca.

She’s not cranky with humans, just a little downhearted.  When a cat’s coat feels just a little oil and ungroomed you know she’s bummed out.  But she really dislikes other cats, and lets out a hiss and a snarl whenever she sees Sam saunter by.  Of course, since Sam isn’t fond of cats herself, she keeps her distance even without this warning.



So that’s what we have going on right now – half our cages are grumpy lady cats, and the other half are a late summer crop of rambunctious kittens.